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Unlike any general WIndows API which includes a DLL, a header file as a minimum requirement, it includes a namespace Windows: : System and a meta data Windows. winmd . So it means it uses. NET framework (Common language runtime) for this the Launcher class in thenamesapce WIndows. System.That means, if you then include Interface. h in any translation unit (i. e. . cpp) that is not compiled with clr, then the compiler will of course complain about it, because namespace System and system namespace header file

As for namespaces, I tend to use the explicit namespace scoping in my header files, and only put a using namespace in my cpp files.

The real solution, would be to make. h files support clr, then you could define your managed class in the header, and be able to freely reference it using standard methods, like etc, . I'm able to use the System namespace when I build a Windows Forms application, but not a console application, regardless of whether I use the precompiled headers. What do I need to do to use the System namespace?system namespace header file Declaring namespaces and namespace members. An example of this is the std namespace which is declared in each of the header files in the standard library. Members of a named namespace can be defined outside the namespace in which they are declared by

The Visual Studio 2005 MSDN Help Search doesn't explain the prerequisite# include needed before the System namespace can be called, for example, in the case it were needed to execute the following statements: using namespace System; Console: : Clear(); Does anyone know this necessarily perchance? Thanks. system namespace header file The articles in this section of the documentation describe namespaces that support the compiler for CCX. Compilersupplied namespaces. To simplify the coding of programs that target the Windows Runtime, the CCX compiler and its supporting header files provide namespaces that define a Nov 04, 2007 The problem was that they use a compilation flag Ddebug so when the debug. h file tries to define a namespace named debug, it is actually using the defined flag, and so it thinks it is defining the namespace with the name '1 I would like to ask whether including headers inside a namespace is justified in the following case. I am developing a headeronly framework for exploring a certain family of algorithms. Once first released, extensions in the form of header files will be contributed by the members of the research community. How can the answer be improved?

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