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Pattusali caste is declared as backward caste under BC B Serial No. 17, Category vide G. O. MS. No1793, Education Department on by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and preference is given for education, employment and in other fields.Origin& Etymology. These people have migrated from Saurashtra in Gujarat and specialise in weaving silk used to decorate and worship gods with silk cloth known as Pattu in Tamil, hence the name Pattusali in Telugu and Patnlkarar in Tamil and are collectively called Saurashtra people. pattusali caste surnames

Goud (surname) topic. Goud is the name of an Indian caste belonging to Goud caste. The following is a list of notable people bearing the name Goud.

Padmashali, Find meaning, origin, mother tongue, state of origin, caste, religion of surname Padmashali, What is meaning of family name (last name) Padmashali? Padmashali surname Home: Family Name: Padmashali Show similar family names Surnames they are originated andor found widely in Andhra Pradesh state: Similar sounding surnames Caste Searching; Home. The front page. About us. More info. Notices. Latest Updates. Questionnaire. Give Your Details. Contact. Get in touch GRIEVANCES RELATING TO OBCs. National Commission for Backward Classes receives a number of representations from the persons belonging to backward classes on various issues like discrimination faced bypattusali caste surnames The community people usually do not use castebased surnames, preferring to use familybased surnames like other Telugu people, but some of them do use castebased surnames like Netha, Padmashali SettyChetty, Sena and Mudaliar.

Aug 11, 2015 265: Alamakamu: Koundilya: 266: Alampooru: Maandavya: 267: Alampudi: Shrivathsa: 268: Alampuri: Shrivathsa: 269: Alapati: Mareecha: 270: Alasetty: Vruksha: 271 pattusali caste surnames Jul 07, 2014 List of Forward Castes: Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Velama Kamma Reddy Kapu Handwork& cultivation Padmashali (handloom textile weavers cotton, silk weaving, lotus stem silk weavers) Kaikala Karna Bhaktulu Pattusali (silk weavers) Senapathulu Thogata Sali Thogataveera Veerakshatriya Swakula May 18, 2012  Castes And Surnames. The English word caste derives from. the Latin word castus signifying chaste, belongs to Brahmin caste. Surname Gautam belongs to higher caste and royal families of Brahmins in Nangal and Nawanshahr area of Punjab. Thank you Dinesh for visiting the site. pillai, illa vellalar, illathar 52 modibanda 5 bestha 53 moovari 6 bhandari or bhondari 54 moniagar list of castes included in scheduled castes 1 Telugu society is nowadays [weasel words officially classified into a number of groups, some of which [clarification needed align with the concept of caste.

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