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Syntax. 6) usingdeclaration: makes the symbol name from the namespace nsname accessible for unqualified lookup as if declared in the same class scope, block scope, or namespace as where this usingdeclaration appears. 7) makes name a synonym for another namespace: see namespace alias 8)If the namespace has multiple classes then find a name that defines all those classes. If the namespace has just one class (and hence the temptation to give it the same name) name the namespace ClassNameNS. This is how Microsoft names their namespaces at least. c++ namespace class same name

Jul 23, 2005 We have two C libraries (Unix Shared objects) with the same class name and no namespace. Is there any way to load both the libraries and selectivly create the instance of the class from different library? e. g. We have class Process in libABC. so and libXYZ. so.

2 Answers. No, that question is about using the same name in different namespaces. To clarify this answer: anything can have the same name as anything else if they are in different namespaces; a class cannot have the same name as a namespace if they are both in the same namespace. A namespace is used to group classes into a logical set. Multiple classes can exist in the same namespace. Namespaces are used for different things, class name collision being among them. Using namespaces you can define a class with the same name as has been used elsewhere. The fully qualified name of a class is namespace. class name.c++ namespace class same name Even if the external library has the same function names you will be safe. However, you mentioned that you can't actually change anything in the original code, so your only option is to use a different library and hope it doesn't have a 'core' namespace in it.

namespace newname currentname; The std namespace All the entities (variables, types, constants, and functions) of the standard C library are declared within the std namespace. c++ namespace class same name 3 Answers. It's suspicious that your namespace has the same name as your class, however. Usually there will be more than one class within a namespace, and even if there weren't, the names would be different. The name of the namespace should describe its contents, not just the single class inside it. Multiple namespace blocks with the same name are allowed. All declarations within those blocks are declared in the named scope. A namespace definition begins with the keyword namespace followed by the namespace name as follows: namespace namespacename int x, y; code declarations where x and y are declared in namespacename's scope C Multiple classes with same name. Say I have two different cpp files. Both declare classes with the same name, but perhaps a totally different structure (or perhaps the same structure, different implementation). The classes do not appear in the header files. (As an example, suppose they are Node classes for different list classes. ) I've seen Identifiers outside the namespace can access the members by using the fully qualified name for each identifier, for example std: : vector vec; , or else by a using Declaration for a single identifier (using std: : string), or a using Directive for all the identifiers in the namespace (using namespace std; ).

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