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filename foo ftp ls lsfile'sales. sas' otherftpoptions; MGET transfers multiple files, similar to the FTP command MGET. Tip: The whole transfer is treated like one file. However, as the transfer of each new file is started, the EOV variable is set to 1.FILENAME Statement, FTP Access Method. Enables you to access remote files by using the FTP protocol. specifies the access method that enables you to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to read from or write to a file from any host computer that you can connect to on a network with an FTP server running. filename myfile ftp ls lsfile sas filename ftp ssl

SAS takes this filename statement, but then the datastep end with a critical error: filename ftp is for direct connections to the ftp server port, it does not supply the necessary information that tells the everything proxy which protocol is being used. By default the proxy expects http.

I already read the docs for filename and rename but I could not get a clue on how to combine both statements any help or hints or alternatives are greatly appreciated. Thanks Stephan sas sftp Usage Note: Differences between the FILENAME Access Methods: FTP, FTPTLS, and SFTP If your site is moving toward using a more secure method of file transfer, you might want to know the differences between the three types of FILENAME Access Method: FTP, FTPTLS, and filename ftp ssl The filename statement only creates a reference to the external file, it does not do anything on its own. proc print only works for SAS datasets, not for external files. So you need to import the data from the xlsx into a SAS dataset first. If have no idea if that could be possible in a single step.

The SASFTPAUTHTLS environment variable can be used instead of adding the AUTHTLS, PROT, or PBSZ option to your FILENAME FTP access method statement to enforce TLS authentication. If the SASFTPAUTHTLS environment variable is used, the default values of PROTP and PBSZ0 are used in conjunction with AUTHTLS. sas filename ftp ssl Solved: Hi There, I'm trying to read some files stored in a Mainframe from a HPUX server using filename ftp. The code i'm using is the following: from SAS or ftp or even TSO. So, i believe the problem here might be about the file being in a tape but i'm still not sure. Problem Note: File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS and FTPTLS) The name of the FTP server being accessed in the FILENAME FTP statement must match the Subject Common Name on the SSL certificate. For more details about the FILENAME FTP statement and the SASFTPAUTHTLS environment variable, see these documents: This statement lists all of the files that start with sales and end with sas: filename myfile ftp ls lsfile'sales. sas' otherftpoptions; MGET. transfers multiple files, similar to the FTP command MGET. FTPS includes full support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols, including the

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