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2019-09-16 16:20

Using MSMQ over HTTP. How to address the queue? Ask Question 5. 3. I'm currently trying to use MSMQ with C# and. NET in order to achieve IPC. I am trying to understand how it works, For example, a direct queue format name cannot be deleted. And the Stack Trace:Jul 19, 2016 Remarks. If the property is set for a local private queue or any public queue, the queue can be opened by calling the MSMQQueueInfo. Open method. However, the FormatName property must be set with a direct format name to open a remote private queue. c# msmq direct format name

I am trying to access message queue which is on remote server (public server). I am getting the following exception. Message: The specified format name does not support the requested operation. For example, a direct queue format name cannot be deleted.

The FormatName property contains the format name of the queue. Message Queuing uses the format name to identify which queue to open and how to access it. Unlike most of a queue's characteristics, the format name is not a Message Queuing application queue property, so you cannot access it through the Message Queuing management tool. Jul 19, 2016 Direct format names are used to reference public or private queues without accessing the directory service. Direct format names are used when performing the following operations: Sending messages directly to a computer. Sending messages to computers over the Internet. Sending messages across forest boundaries.c# msmq direct format name MSMQ Format Name and Host Name The format name is a string that uniquely identifies a queue using connection details and the queues path. Different types of format names can be used to specify how messages are routed, the type of destination, and the type

Feb 26, 2009  Difference between Path name and Format name when accessing MSMQ queues direct format names are essential for workgroup mode MSMQ but optional for ADintegrated MSMQ. Direct Format Name Syntax. C# code sends messages to a private queue running on a clustered MSMQ. 2) The private queue on clustered MSMQ is available it c# msmq direct format name

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