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2020-02-20 03:20

Returns a name for the locale's country that is appropriate for display to the user. If possible, the name returned will be localized according to inLocale. For example, if the locale is frFR and inLocale is enUS, getDisplayCountry() will return France ; if the locale is enUS and inLocale is frFR, getDisplayCountry() will return EtatsUnis .251 rows  How do I get a list of country names? By Wayan Saryada in Core API, Util Package Last java get locale country name

Get country name and language name for a Locale. Once we have a locale we can get the country name and language name it is representing. final String getDisplayCountry( ) return humanreadable strings that can be used to display the name of the country; final String getDisplayLanguage( ) return humanreadable strings that can be used to display

What else is the best way to get the 2letter country codes as well as the full country name? Stack Overflow. Log In Sign Up; current community. Stack Overflow Best way to get a list of countries in Java. Ask Question Or try without importing just to be sure its same Locale you intended. Adeel Get language name in that language from language code [closed Ask Question 14. 1. If you try doing this using the languagecountry code (like for example, Browse other questions tagged java android locale or ask your own question. asked. 2 years, 11 months ago. viewed. 8, 481 timesjava get locale country name Get Days Of The Week for different locale: 6. Get Display Country for default locale: 7. Get ISO3 Language for default locale: 8. Get Display Name for default locale: 9. Get Display Variant for default locale: 10. Get the 2letter country code; may be equal to 11. List Locale Orientation: 12. Get localized name suitable for display to the

In this article, we show you how to use the Locale class to play around the list of countries. . P. S Tested with JDK 1. 6. 1. List of Countries. The will return a list of all 2letter country codes defined in ISO 3166. java get locale country name 2) Get current locale in java desktop applications In java desktop applications, locale information is retrieved using Locale. getDefault(); method call. you can also use system properties user. country and user. language as well for this information. Well, I would store instead a string concatenation of getISO3Country() and getVariant() as key, which would allow me to latter call Locale(String language, String country, String variant) constructor. The method returns the countryregion code for this locale, which will either be the empty string or an uppercase ISO 3166 2letter code. Declaration Following is the declaration for method is equivalent to If you want a map from country names in a specific language to ISO (or the other way around) you need to do something like Locale( en , Locale( en , iso)), new where you replace en

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