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Mar 18, 2012 Best Answer: Kayden Levi Warner Kayden Allen Warner Kayden Andrew Warner Kayden Alexander Warner Kayden Thomas Warner Kayden Nicholas Warner Kayden Camden Warner Kayden Wesley Warner Kayden Jameson Warner Kayden Lee WarnerWe went for traditional middle names which came from family so he's a 'James Douglass' too, but I think any of the proper 'English' names would work well. e. g. John, James, Henry, Thomas, Jack. Good luck with your boy OP, I hope you'll be as proud of your Kaiden as we are of our Caden. middle name for kayden boy

Records indicate that 24, 081 boys in the United States have been named Kayden since 1880. The greatest number of people were given this name in 2012, when 3, 825 people in the U. S. were given the name Kayden. Those people are now 5 years old. So

Aug 04, 2012 Boy middle names for CadenKaden? Which spelling is better? Caden or Kaden? Kayden, or Caiden are better spellings in my opinion. It will help people pronounce better, as this isn't a common name. Which name do you like better for a boy, and which middle name should i use? Mix& match these boys names. : ? Boys names and Feb 18, 2014 Kayden is a very masculine name. Since it's a trendy madeup name, I suppose it could work on either gender but people will always think your daughter is a boy. In 2012, there were 7. 7 boys born for every 1 girl that means it was given to boys 87. 03 of the timemiddle name for kayden boy Middle Names for Boys. Middle names for boys are traditionally family names father's or grandfather's first name as an honorific, mother's maiden name, or perhaps a hero's name. These choices are typically used as middle names for boys. We're excited that you have an

Dec 05, 2010 Kayden James is my favorite, too bad he won't go for it! Can't say I blaime him though, I don't want my name used as a middle name for a girl hehe. Kayden Scott is cute, but one of my best friends dad passed away and his name is Scott, and now she's pregnant with a boy so I'm going to leave that name alone in case she wants to use it middle name for kayden boy We have both agreed on the name Ayden but can not think of a middle name that goes well with it. We just found out I am having a little baby boy! ! ! We have both agreed on the name Ayden but can not think of a middle name that goes well with it. Log in. My account. Log out. Baby Registry. Boy Names List (AZ) boy Karson is a contemporary spellin boy This is a modern English name wi boy This is a modern coinage with no boy Kavion is a modern creation with boy This modern coinage is likely an boy Possibly an elaboration of Deion Re: Middle names for Jayden please! : ) Jayden Joel is a good one too. My son's name is Jayden and I call him JJ all the time. I also call him Jay. Jayden James screams Britney Spears to me. I love all these ideas! U guys are awesome keep em comin! ! 0 Sign In or Register to comment. Kayden needs a vs. Middle name. Our baby boy is due in September and his first name will be Kayden even though husband dosent agree I honestly dont care so please give middle names. The Top Baby Name

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