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Browse by military unit, then name of soldier, or use the search box related to this title. Civil War Soldiers Confederate KY. Related Titles. Compiled service records of Confederate soldiers from Kentucky units, labeled with each soldier's name, rank, and unit, with links to revealing documents about each soldier.The American Civil War has been known by a number of names since it began in 1861. These names reflect the historical, political, and cultural sensitivities and agendas of different groups and regions. . The most common name in modern American usage is simply The Civil War . civil war soldiers names kentucky

This page briefly describes resources for researching the military service of individual Civil War soldiers in Volunteer Army units. Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina (usually 2months). Although they rarely name individual soldiers, the descriptions of the activities and movements

Ohio Civil War Roster this database contains the same data for Ohio as the national Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, but here you can do soundex searches to help with alternate name spellings Johnson's Island Civil War Confederate Prison Cemetery (Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie) Also see: Depot of Prisoners of War, Johnson's Island, Sandusky Bay Northern Kentucky Civil War Defense Fortifications. The guerilla in the central part of Northern Kentucky (Owen, Grant, Kenton, Southern Boone) was Grant County's Mose Webster. A number of clippings on his exploits are here. Jesse and Webster both surrendered after the war, and asked to be give then same generous surrender termscivil war soldiers names kentucky Finding Names of Residents& Civil War Soldiers Part One, By William Dollarhide. Most genealogical records created during the decade of the Civil War are related to the soldiers and regiments of the Union and Confederate states.

Kentucky in the American Civil War. In the historiography of the Civil War, Kentucky is treated primarily as a border state, with special attention to the social divisions during the secession crisis, invasions and raids, internal violence, sporadic guerrilla warfare, federalstate relations, the ending of slavery, civil war soldiers names kentucky Civil War Records: Complete: 100 Summary Description Compiled service records typically contain card abstracts of a soldier's original muster and hospital rolls, descriptive books, lists of deserters, returns, notational cards, and possibly enlistment papers, casualty sheets, death reports, prisoner of war papers, and correspondence. Civil War Veterans buried in. Green County, Ky. Confederate Soldiers of Green County. Union Soldiers of Green County. Green County men served primarily in the Union 13th Kentucky Infantry ( Hobson's Regiment ), 27th Kentucky Infantry and 6th Kentucky Cavalry. Those allied with the Confederacy served in Morgan's 3rd Confederate Cavalry (later known as the Kentucky 7th Confederate Cavalry). The Paper Trail of the Civil War in Kentucky 3 Civil War Casualties The North put 2. 2 million men in uniform half of its entire draftage population; the South mustered 800, 000 men, an astounding 75 percent of its white draftage population. More soldiers died about 625, 000 than in all of Americas 20th century wars. The other three sides of the monument list 142 African American soldiers' names. More than 24, 000 Kentucky African American soldiers served in the war, which represents nearly onethird of the total number of Union soldiers from the state. Kentucky provided more black soldiers

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