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The name ferret face was given to Frank Burns by his brother not thr doctors ProProfs Discuss. Discuss; Quiz Maker Mash. What was the nickname BJ and Hawkeye gave Frank Burns? A. Weasel breath B. Crybaby C. Brown nose D. FerretFace.Oct 07, 2003 Frank's many nicknames Showing 113 of 13 messages. Frank's many nicknames: I was just sitting here and thinking of the many not so kind names that Frank Burns was called on MASH: Ferret face No lips Needle nose Gnat brainHawkeye called him that I think in Big mac Did I list them all? Are there any I might have missed? Robin: ) NRobin1027 mash frank burns nickname

Major Franklin Delano Marion Frank Burns is the main antagonist in the film (played by Robert Duvall) and the first five seasons of the television series (Larry Linville). Burns first appeared in the original novel, where he had the rank of captain.

Apr 06, 1970 Their behavior does extremely bother fellow surgeon, Major Frank Burns, and recently arrived head nurse, Major Margaret Houlihan, who obtains the nickname 'Hot Lips' based on information they glean about her through underhanded means. Feb 28, 2019  Frank never had an official nickname; however, he was often referred to as ferret face by the other cast members. This nickname was given to him by his brother when he and Frankmash frank burns nickname Larry Linville. Lawrence Lavon ( Larry ) Linville (September 29, 1939 April 10, 2000) was an American actor known for his portrayal of the surgeon Major Frank Burns on the television series MASH.

Take the Quiz: MASH Frank Burns. Frank Burns, the man, the legend. This quiz is dedicated to one of the silliest, most enjoyable sitcom characters of all time, Major Frank Burns of MASH. mash frank burns nickname Larry Linville ( ) Larry Linville was born on September 29, 1939 in Ojai, California, USA as Larry Lavon Linville. He was an actor, known for MASH (1972), How can the answer be improved?

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