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How can the answer be improved?Oct 08, 2009  What are some good original finisher names. Discussion in 'WWE Games' started by SonofAsgard85 but it was a cool finisher name) Click to expand Them all wwe finisher name

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Good Original Names For A Wrestling Finisher. What would be the name of your pro wrestling finisher. The Super Calo Psycho Driver Macht V. It's actually just a body slam, but I think people will like it based on the name alone. 5 Chris Jericho Walls of Jericho. It's one of the best known WWE finishers of all time and it's really just a Boston Crab. But because Chris Jericho decided to call it The Walls of Jericho no one else can do a Boston Crab without everyone thinking it's the walls. Jericho is a fan of personalising his moves as well, he has The LionSault,all wwe finisher name Sep 18, 2011 WWE All Stars Full List Of Signature Moves And Finishers for the XBOX 360 WWE All WWE LEGENDS ANDRE THE GIANT I know some of the move names are wrong but i didnt know what they were and i

This is a list of (almost! ) every finishing move in the WWE and WWF. Wrestlers who are not currently with the WWE are still included, but wrestlers who have never been on a WWEWWF roster are not. all wwe finisher name WWE wrestler Randy Orton performed this move as his finisher maneuver to cause storyline concussions. Roundhouse kick Properly speaking, a roundhouse kick in wrestling is a variation of a shoot kick with a slight difference. May 22, 2008 fav name for a finisher was the frankensteiner was basically a top rope huracarana scott steiner used to use it he would sit someone on the top rope climb up himself then flip that btch over phattybastard 1 decade ago WWE Superstars Finishers. Edit. Classic editor History Comments (10) Share. Add Image. Mr Anderson Anderson Drop Shawn Michaels Suck it Sweet Chin Music, Name Finisher and Signature Move(s) The Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver, The Last Ride, Chokeslam, Hell's Gate Edge Downward Spiral, , 5 WWE finishers with the coolest names. Kunal which finishers have the coolest names in the WWE? Here are the five best finisher names! The name of their finisher also played a huge role

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