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2020-02-24 17:52

The main slogan in the campaign, Share a Coke, is a great calltoaction phrase. This slogan prompts consumers to buy a physical Coke to share and also share their CocaCola stories online.For the first time, Share a Coke name labels on 20oz. Coke bottles are stickers. Fans can peel off the stickers to reveal CocaCola s Sip& Scan codes that instantly unlock chances to win prizes ranging from a free Coke, to amusement park passes, to baseball tickets. share a coke advert names

CocaCola has gone one insane step further with this summer's Share a Coke campaign, releasing hundreds of minisongs that feature first and last names ranging from Aaron to Zach.

Last June CocaCola launched their Share a Coke campaign in the U. S. with tremendous success, achieving a 2 increase in softdrink sales, increasing Coke consumption from 1. 7 to 1. 9 billion servings per day, and making# shareacoke a No. 1 global trending topic on social media. CocaCola reintroduces its namelabeled bottles with a summer meet cute by the pool. To help a lifeguard cool off, a young man offers her several Coke bottles from his cooler. After wrongly guessing her name as Bertha and Kim, he finally discovers they share the same name: Alex. Scarlett Costelloshare a coke advert names A CASE STUDY ON COCACOLAS BOLD NEW INTERACTIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN in Get started. Marketing Advertising. Follow. Share a Coke: Its All in a Name. from Marketing Advertising

Share a Coke 2014 by numbers: Over a thousand names on our bottles. More than 150 million personalised bottles sold. Over 730, 000 glass bottles personalised via the ecommerce store. share a coke advert names

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