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55 Celebrities Whose Real Names Will Surprise You is cataloged in albert brooks, Diane Keaton, Entertainment, harry houdini, Julia Child, louis c. k. , Michael Caine, Natalie Portman, Uncategorized, Whoopi Goldberg, Woody AllenThe surprising real names of 30 celebrities. Plenty of today's biggest stars don't go by their birth names Reese Witherspoon, Mila Kunis, and Natalie Portman. However, you probably aren't familiar with how they ended up with their current monikers. Some are simple. Francis Ford Coppola's nephew Nicolas Cage changed his last name to avoid the worries of Hollywood nepotism. celebrities last name michael

When Michael Keaton accepted his Best Actor Golden Globe for Birdman, he told the crowd his birth name was actually Michael Douglas. He changed his name early in his career to avoid confusion

You are browsing celebrities by first name: M M Celebrities. Macaulay Culkin. Macy Gray. Madonna. Maggie Cheung. Maggie Grace. Michael Buble. Michael Chiklis. Michael Douglas. Michael Jackson. Michael Keaton. Michael Pitt. Celebrities trending now. Liam Hemsworth 376 Views. Liam Hemsworth 279 Views. Fictional Characters Fictional Characters Named Michael. Reference. 5. 3k votes 856 voters 21. 6k views 100 items. List Rules Vote up your favorite selma movie script famous people with the first name michael chris meaning of name peter parker girlfriend judge judy episodes 2017 top karaoke songs american gangster quotes starbucks coffeecelebrities last name michael The list Celebrities with last name: Michael has been viewed 5, 073 times.

Close popup. Welcome to In Motion. Bring photos to life with Us Weekly's exciting new mobile experience! Get started. What's In Motion? Tell me more celebrities last name michael It's a common practice for celebrities to go by stage names that differ from the moniker given to them at birth, 2018 Bustle. Dark mode The list Celebrities with middle name: Michael has been viewed 3, 165 times. This list has 1, 398 members. See also Celebrities with middle name starting with M Discover the most famous people named Michael including Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Michael Clifford, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Dapaah and many more. Famous People Who Have a First Name for a Last Name New entries are in bold. Thanks to all who contributed names to the list. Dan McKinley recently submitted about a hundred names that I haven't yet been able to add.

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