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2019-08-19 22:15

Aydin is a name of boy, the origin of Aydin name is Arabic. its meaning Brilliant, Intelligent, Light of the moon.Answer. Aydin is a Quranic name for boys. Aydn (notice the slightly different spelling), which can also be spelled Aydin, is a Turkish name meaning educated, intellectual, enlightened. . The meaning is good so feel free to use it, but it is not from the Quran or related to aydin islamic name

AYDIN NAME MEANING IN URDU& ENGLISH. Aydin is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Persian originated name with multiple meanings. Aydin name meaning is clear, enlightened, illuminated, bright and the lucky number associated with is 2. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page.

Like the name 'Aydin' on Facebook or Tweet about it! Similar Boy Names Qadeer Powerful and Able Able, powerful, mighty, one of the names of Allah Powerful, very kind hearted and honest How can the answer be improved?aydin islamic name The name Aydin is of Turkish origin, and is used in more than one countries and different languages of the world, especially Arabic speaking countries, English speaking countries, Turkish speaking countries among others. If you consider naming your baby Aydin we recommend you take note

Meaning of Aydin. Even the name Aydin means clear or enlightened in turkish. If Aydin really was a islamic arabic name then most arabs would be named Aydin. But every Aydin ive seen is either Turk or from Balkan. Just because the name Aydin is mentioned meaning aydin islamic name

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