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However, the concepts and procedures work similarly in the current version of Visual Studio. To create a Windows Forms Application project. On the menu bar, choose File New Project. The dialog box should look like this. New project dialog box. Choose either Visual C# or Visual Basic on the left side of the New Project dialog box.Aug 30, 2015 This video demonstrates the process for renaming an existing Visual Studio Project. visual studio save project as new name

Still relevant in 2018. I'd add as a second step that after opening the new solution: (1) drop all projects& solution items, (2) copy all the project folders except for the solution file to the new location, (3) readd all projects and references from the new location. Now all your solution& projects

Be Careful When Copying Visual Studio Projects. You might not be aware of it, but Visual Studio projects have additional identity beyond their project file name and path. Instead of creating ClassLibrary2 as a new project in Visual Studio, we will copy and rename ClassLibrary1, Nov 11, 2014 Re: Copying and Renaming Visual Studio VB. NET Projects This is excellent information. I've been all over the internet trying to figure out how to systematically copy an existing Visual Basic (2010) project to a new project name.visual studio save project as new name How do I save a project with a new name? Visual Studio Languages, Windows Desktop Development Visual C. Visual C https:

Save the project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Open Blend for Visual Studio 2012. Open the project you are working on. Go to File Save Copy of Project; Open copy of project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. And here is your new copy. A few remarks: visual studio save project as new name Close and save the file. If you want to replace the guids with new ones you can but do a global search and replace to ensure you change all the references. Next Rename the. csproj file to MyProject. csproj. If you changed the guids in the solution file you will need to change these references in the project file. Open the solution in Visual Studio Mar 01, 2009 I figured out that you can change the default location for New Projects, however, there doesn't seem to be a Save As option. 1 on the ability to Save As a different name. there is no such a Save Project As option in Visual Studio IDE, because there is frankly very little customer to demand for this feature. Oct 09, 2016 For all other supported Visual Studio versions, except for Visual Studio 2010 which only supports server worksapces, and Team Foundation Server plugin for Eclipse, you will need to create a new local workspace mapped to the new team project name. Shelve your changes. Create a new workspace mapped to the new team project name. Unshelve your changes. Visual Studio Copy Project. Ask Question 106. 27. the fastest way of doing this would be to save the project. Then make a copy of the entire thing on the File System. also the. csproj and other internal files to the new name). No go back to Visual Studio, RightClick on Solution Add Existing Project Browse and select the Project

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