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A wrong name on your flight ticket. What to do? But is it possible to travel on this flight ticket or is it advisable to change the name on your flight ticket? Below, JustGo. Travel answers your questions regarding name changes on flight tickets. it is important to spell your name correctly to avoid misunderstandings. A possible actionOk i Goofed! I bought a ticket for my newphew to visit and totally forgot his first name is really John but he has always been called Jack from birth and I of course put Jack on the ticket. name spelled wrong on airline ticket united

I misspelled a name by one letter on a united airlines intl ticket from Mexico to Geneva with a stop in NY. (hopefully at the same price) with the correct spelling. 6. 2k Views View 14 Upvoters Answer requested by. Abraham Calvo. Thank you for your feedback! Your feedback is private. How can I persuade United Airlines to change a

Having the wrong name on your airline ticket is no longer a minor inconvenience, now that the TSA has begun enforcing its namematching requirements for airline tickets. And that could be a showstopper for Jesse Demastrie and his wife, who are scheduled to fly from Washington to Las Vegas for the Discovering that your name is misspelled on your airline ticket is likely to cause you a moment of panic, especially if you're minutes away from boarding the plane. Having your name incorrect on your ticket doesn't necessarily mean you won't be allowed on the plane, but it's not a given that you'll be permitted to board, spelled wrong on airline ticket united Airline ticket spelling mistakes are more common than you'd think. Easy fix. To change the name on an airline ticket thats already issued, be prepared to fax in documentation of the legal change and try to do so as far in advance as possible. Uncorrected Mistakes.

In order to be eligible for international travel, your name must be spelled correctly on your ticket and match your identification on your passportI. D. Most airline tickets will have your name listed as such: Last NameFirst Name (Middle Name). If your name is correct on your airline ticket and matches your passport, then you should be fine. name spelled wrong on airline ticket united Sep 26, 2011 I have noticed that on some of the tickets I have booked it says to double check name spellings as a change in name costs the changed ticket fee. i would call the airline and ask them to put a note on your ticket and ask if there is a fee to change your name. Your ticket shows your name spelled incorrectly. When your name is spelled incorrectly beyond the unofficial 3letter rule, you likely face significant penalties to fix the problem. The airline may asses change penalties or even cancellation penalties when significant name changes are required. Misspelled Name on Airline ticket. I just realized I spelled travelling partners last name wrong. Should end with ble and I typed blbe . I called Lufthansa to straighten in out and they indicated they cannot I must go through Travelocity. Called Travelocity yesterday and was on hold with them for over an hour while they chatted with Lufthansa. If you have spelling mistake in your ticket, dont worry call to airline and give request for change name of spelling ( You Can give request to change name of spelling not Full Name) For Example: If your name of spelling in your ID card Mr AMAN VERMA but by mistake you mention while booking ticket Mr AMAN VARMA then you can give request.

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