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You should use FindResource() or TryFindResource() methods. Also, a good practice is to create a string constant which maps the name of your key in the resource dictionary (so that you can change it at only one place).Jan 30, 2016 Situation: There is Ellipse as resource in Dictionary1. xaml. Goal: To use an ellipse key resource in code behind. Problem: There is no this. FindResource. Note: The goal is not about to use the Ellipse resource of Dictionary1. xaml after adding them into something like UserControl. Question Could you explain what issue you have with c# findresource namespace

To use FindResource to acquire them, these types also expose resource key properties that are designed to be passed to FindResource; for example, IconWidthKey. Because FindResource returns an object, you must cast the returned value to the appropriate type if the resource is found.

Yes, it's in the Themes folder of the project. It's really a WPF Library. Yes, it's added as a reference in my project. The library has a lot of UserControls and some CustomControls in it will walk up the tree looking for the resource at each node, and eventually make it all the way to Application. skips all of this and goes straight for the resources on the Application. You almost always want to use FindResource() so you can override styles at various points.c# findresource namespace FindResource(Object) FindResource(Object) FindResource(Object) FindResource(Object) Searches for a resource with the specified key, and will throw an exception if the requested resource is not found. (Inherited from Focus() Focus() Focus() Focus() Attempts to set focus to this element. (Inherited from ContentElement)

We use the FindResource() method, which will return the resource as an object (if found), and then we turn it into the string that we know it is by using the ToString() method. Notice how we use the FindResource() method on different scopes first on the panel, then on the window and then on the current Application object. c# findresource namespace Windows Namespace Provides several important Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) base element classes, various classes that support the WPF property system and event logic, and other types that are more broadly consumed by the WPF core and framework. If you do not want to handle exceptions that result from calling FindResource, call TryFindResource instead. TryFindResource returns null when a requested

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