Authorization code to transfer domain name

2019-08-25 01:33

How to obtain a Transfer Authorization ( EPP ) Code If you want to transfer your. com, . net, . biz, . us, . org or. info domain, you will need to contact your current registrar and request the domain's Authorization Code (also referred to as an auth code, Authinfo code or an EPP code).If you are transferring a domain to GoDaddy, you might need a domain transfer authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar. Some registrars display the authorization code in your account with them, while others email it upon request to the administrative contact's email address for your domain name. authorization code to transfer domain name

Get an authorization code to transfer my domain to another registrar If you want to transfer your domain to another company, the other company may ask for an authorization code (also known as EPP codes or transfer keys) to verify that you own the domain name.

What is an AuthEPP code? A domain authorization code (also referred to as an Auth Code or an EPP Code) provides an extra level of security for the domain name registration. This code is unique to each domain name and is assigned by the registrar at the time of registration. You'll need an Auth Code to transfer a domain from one registrar to another. To finalize the transfer process, you will need to obtain a transfer authorization code from your current domain name registrar for each domain name you wish to transfer. Please note: you can check out now without the authorization code, but you will need to return and enter the code within 14 days in order to finalize the transfer.authorization code to transfer domain name Click the name of the domain you want to transfer. Step 2: Prepare your domain for transfer. In the left navigation panel, click Registration settings. Scroll down to Domain lock and make sure your domain is unlocked. Under Transfer out, click the Get authorization code button. Copy the authorization code and provide it to your new registrar.

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