Sea sponge binomial name

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Jump to navigation Jump to search. Halichondria panicea, commonly known as the breadcrumb sponge, is a species of marine demosponge belonging to the family Halichondriidae. This is an abundant sponge of coastal areas of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea ranging from the intertidal zone to a recorded depth of over 550 m.Binomial Nomenclature. also called scientific name. System developed by Carolus Linnacus approximately 200 years ago. written in Latin. made up of genus and species Binomial nomenclature is the name of a species. The binomial nomenclature of mango is Mangifera indica. The firstword refers to the genus while the latter refers to the species. sea sponge binomial name

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Sponges are thought to have evolved around 500 million years ago, and today there are more than 5, 000 known species of sponge with another 5, 000 species thought to have not yet been discovered. Most sponges live in a salt water environment, attached to objects on the sea floor. Less than 200 sponge species inhabit freshwater habitats. How can the answer be improved?sea sponge binomial name Aplysina insularis, the yellowgreen candle sponge or yellow tube sponge, is a species of demosponge that is found on reefs in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Contents. Description. Aplysina insularis is a large sponge and consists of one or more cylindrical tubes united at the base.

The scientific name of the sea sponge is Porifera. The sea sponge's scientific name refers to something having pores, and sea sponges have many small pores known as ostia. Keep Learning. sea sponge binomial name

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