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Accepted Name Source; Armillaria gallica Marxm. & Romagn. UKSI Armillaria bulbosa (Barla) Kile& Watling synonym: UKSI Agaricus melleus synonym: UKSI Common Name Source; Bulbous Honey Fungus: UKSI Classification unranked Biota kingdom Fungi phylum Basidiomycota subphylumHow can the answer be improved? armillaria bulbosa common name

Armillaria mellea, commonly known as honey fungus, is a basidiomycete fungus in the genus Armillaria. It is a plant pathogen and part of a cryptic species complex of closely related and morphologically similar species. It causes Armillaria root rot in many plant species and produces mushrooms around the base of trees it has infected.

No Common Name Armillaria gallica Marxmller Synonyms: Armillaria bulbosa, Armillaria lutea, Armillaria mellea var. bulbosa. Kingdom Fungi Phylum Basidiomycota Class Agaricomycetes Order Agaricales Family Physalacriaceae Genus Armillaria Other Armillaria species: Armillaria nabsnona Volk and Burdsall (NABS IX) Hosts: The Armillaria species listed above have been found on living broadleaved trees and as saprophytes on stumps of these trees after felling. Occasionally, A. sinapina has been found on stumps of conifers.armillaria bulbosa common name Armillaria gallica (synonymous with A. bulbosa and A. lutea) is a species of honey mushroom in the Agaricales order. The species is common and ecologically important: it decays wood. It can live as a saprophyte, or as an opportunistic parasite in weakened tree hosts to cause root or butt rot.

genus Armillaria in the modern and biologically functional sense is reserved for facultatively parasitic root and buttrot fungi that produce rhizomorphs. Common species such as Armillaria ponderosa ( Tricholoma magnivelare, the American matsutake) are now found in the genus Ticholoma with other mycorrhizal species. armillaria bulbosa common name Strange but True: The Largest Organism on Earth Is a Fungus. The fungus primarily grows along tree roots via hyphae, fine filaments that mat together and excrete digestive enzymes. But Armillaria has the unique ability to extend rhizomorphs, flat shoestringlike structures, that bridge gaps between food sources and expand the fungus's sweeping perimeter ever more. Armillaria mellea, Armillaria tabescens, Armillaria bulbosa. Common name: Honey Mushroom, Stumper, Bootstrap Fungus. Description and identifying characteristics: Armillaria species are commonly referred to as Honey Mushrooms due to the yellowbrown color of In Armillaria In 1992 a mat of A. bulbosa was identified in a mixed oak forest near Crystal Falls, in Michigans Upper Peninsula. Genetic testing on sample mushrooms gathered throughout the area determined that all were produced by a single supporting mycelium that extended over more than 15 hectares (37 acres); its. Read More.

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