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Nick Names for Giuliana? Updated on September 16, 2015 D. L. asks from East Brunswick, NJ on September 13, 2015 26 answers. Does anyone have any ideas on possible nicknames for Giuliana (pronounced Juliana) we are having a hard time because we really do not care for the name Julie For Juliana i would say nick names are Jules or Jule or LanaNickname Juliana. Collection of nicknames, cool fonts, letters, symbols and tags related to Juliana Juju, Julie, Jules, Liana, Julia, nana. Fancy names with the copypaste function, reputation and popularity. Create unique names for games, Youtube channels, Instagram accounts, companies, brands or social media. Juliana is a popular name. nicknames for juliana

Apr 01, 2009 Best Answer: Jules or Ana I like them: )(: Julie Julez Jewel Liana Lia Ana Jane Leah Julie Ana Liana Julia Lee Julie Julia Jewel Jewelz Anne Anna Julie Liane Anna Jules YAY

How can the answer be improved? The name Juliana is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning youthful . Juliana is ranked# 147 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Saints' Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like My nickname is X, but it's short for Y, not Z .nicknames for juliana I love Lia as a name for Lia and Juliana as a name for Juliana. Both are beautiful and neither needs to be changed to a nickname. And I really love the spelling Lia (vs. Leah).

May 25, 1991 The nickname for Julianna is usually Jewlsjuls. Also Julie. nicknames for juliana Nicknames for Juliana: Edit. Julie, Jules, Juju, Juliebean, Julia, Julieooly, JPeg. Meanings and history of the name Juliana: Edit. Juliana is the feminine form of the Latin name Julianus (Julian in English), which is in turn a derivative of Julius, the name of a famous Roman gens (clan). Random Names. Lonnie. Lonnie was a consistent Top 200 American baby boy name from 1927 through 1971, with a high rank of No. 135 in 3 consecutive years: 1948, 49 and 50. Lars. 80 American baby boys were named Lars in 1984, the last time the name was included in the Top 1000 Popular Names (No. 994) Sade. Sade is pronounced a ShahDay. Cynthia Juliana. Best Nicknames: Juji, Juju, Julee, Jules, Juley, Juli, Julie Variations and Sound Alikes: Giuliana, Juliane, Juliann, Julianna, Julianne Juliana TV and Movie Quotes: Juliana, I was in the neighborhood, and I thought Id invade. Quest for Camelot (1998) And you, Juliana what keeps you awake? The Masque of the Red Death (1964) Jan 20, 2016 It's a honor name after my mum Julia. But I'm a little stuck on a nickname. My mum already uses Jules so would like to use something different. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks Advanced Search. Logout; My Stuff; Login Nickname for Julian I'm planning on using Julian for my bub due soon. It's a honor name after my mum Julia.

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