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Select MVC 5 Controller Empty to add an empty controller. Click on the Add button. Step 3 Name the controller as in the following: Step 4 By default it considers an action method name as the view name. Select Empty (without model) as the template. Click on the Add button. Step 6 This will add a view with the name MyView .ASP. NET MVC 4 RC: Get current controller name from HttpContext. To find out the name of the current controller from a HTTP context, you can use the following code snippet: Related posts: ASP. NET MVC 3: How to get the current controller and action in a Razor view. ASP. NET MVC 3: Use remix library to add controller actions with mixins Part 2. mvc 4 get action name in view

MVC framework routing engine uses Action Selectors attributes to determine which action method to invoke. Three action selectors attributes are available in MVC 5 ActionName NonAction ActionVerbs; ActionName attribute is used to specify different name of action than method name.

Get current username in view MVC 4. I'm using MVC 4 with EF 4. 5 and SimpleMembership. asp. netmvc asp. netmvc4. share improve this question. asked Jan 20 '16 at 13: 43. abcdef abcdef. How can I return the current action in an ASP. NET MVC view? 529. Compile Views in ASP. NET MVC. 452. Retrieve the current view name in ASP. NET MVC? Ask Question 37. 8. I have a partial view (control) that's used across several view pages, and I need to pass the name of the current view back to the controller so if there's e. g. validation errors, I can redraw the original view. I thought it should be possible since you can get the viewmvc 4 get action name in view I am using to return the name of the Action (Method), which is creating the View in MVC3. I return this in a Partial View, which is included in the View returned by the Action.

The View() method is defined in the Controller base class, which returns the appropriate ActionResult. Default Action Method. Every controller can have default action method as per configured route in RouteConfig class. By default, Index is a default action method for any controller, as per configured default root as shown below. mvc 4 get action name in view Submitting model with entities in MVC using DataTa Get the values from http query string variables in Passing object from view to partial view with View Get current action and controller name in View in April (2) March (3) February (2) January (2) 2013 (39) You can retrive both physical name of current view and action that triggered it. It can be usefull in partial. acmx pages to determine host container. I'm trying to pull the name of the current View from within my Layout. Usually, VirtualPath is used for this. Unfortunately, this will return the path of the Layout file. Is there any way to get the name of the View that's returned by the controller? In ASP. NET MVC, you often need to get the controller name, action name, or ID from the view or other places. Here is how.

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