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MDX and Missing Suppression August 15, 2014 October 1, 2014 by TimG One feature of all Essbase query tools is the ability to suppress (i. e. remove from the result set)# Missing values, in most cases via a simple, onoroff option that applies to full rows.Properties can be used inside an MDX query in two ways. In the first approach, you can list the dimension and property combinations for each axis set. When a query is executed, the specified property is evaluated for all members from the specified dimension and included in the result set. essbase mdx member name

MDX Functions that Return a Member. Ancestor Returns a member that is an ancestor of the specified member, at a specified generation or level. ClosingPeriod Returns the last descendant of a layer, or the last child of the Time dimension. Cousin Returns a child member at a matching outline level and location as a member from another parent.

Oct 21, 2015  Essbase Using MDX Return Member Name Instead of Alias. DIMENSION PROPERTIES [Products. This will then return the member name. However, you will get an extra properties column in your results and unfortunately this cannot be removed. This is a current enhancement request (to optionally remove the extra column). This will turn off the alias display. The list is geared toward MDX queries that return member data (such as for use in a Dodeca MDX selector). Unless otherwise noted, the classic SampleBasic database is used. You may need to append FROM [Sample. [Basic or similar in your MDX query editor to make these work (although when a connection is set, this is unnecessary in Dodeca).essbase mdx member name MDX Syntax for Specifying Duplicate Member Names and Aliases. Qualified names must be used to specify duplicate member names. Qualified member or alias names can be specified using: Fully qualified member names Consist of duplicate member or alias name and all ancestors up to and including the dimension name. Each name must be enclosed in square brackets([) and separated by a period.

Jan 24, 2013 In your example, to get 'ABCCompany' back from your text measure you will have to create a formula that returns 100 when you want 'ABCCompany not the member name. In other words using a text measure still doesn't let you use an MDX formula that returns a string. essbase mdx member name Jan 11, 2018  This is the question that a generated member can return for you. Generated members in MDX are created using the WITH MEMBER clause. Moreover, the generated member can then be used anywhere a normal member can be used, even in a slicer dimension (or what we would call a page field in the classic Essbase addin or a pointofview in Smart View). Within Essbase, MDX has three uses: first (and most importantly for this series), it is a querying language the works for ASO and BSO databasesthat is, for all Essbase databases; also, it is the member formula language for ASO and finally it is used for ASO in other ways, such as Hi, In Essbase MDX (. 3) is it possible to convert a substring string to a member name? this is what I'm trying to do: IIF( IsUDA([INDICATEURS. Aug 17, 2016  Cool Essbase MDX Stuff Dimension Properties Edition I have always liked MDX as it exposes very powerful operations for creating member sets. It has this amazing ability to take a set of members, union it with another set of members, intersect it with yet another set of members, and then exclude members from yet another set.

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