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Interests and Hobbies: Picasso is a cool nickname for your boyfriend if he enjoys painting. Wordsmith is a cute name to call a writer or someone who has his way with words. Tap into your friends hobbies and interests to find cool nicknames for him. Habits: Habits make a person; whether good or bad habits.1 French Love Nicknames Used to Speak to Men and Women: Mon amour my love. Mon ange my angel. Mon trsor my treasure. Mon coeur my heart. Mon canard my duck yes, I know wait, it gets worse. Mon chou my sweet bun (un chou la crme is a cream filled puff pastry) mon petit chou is also quite common. cute names for your boyfriend in french

So being a cheese ball now I like using my love of the world to call my boyfriend cute nicknames in different languages. My favourites are number 2& 7: 9 Cute French Nicknames To Call Your Amour. Mon Amour My Love. Mon Nounours My teddy bear. Ma Louloute My honey pie Mon Petite Chou Chou Literal translation is My little

The French language has hundreds of cute and romantic terms of endearment and pet names to express love and affection. Many of which are unique only to the French language. Some of these French terms of endearment and French nicknames translate to the English language word for word like mon ange which means my angel. Love candy: A cute nick to express the sweetness of love that he has brought into your life. Nicknames starting with M. Ma Cherie: Cute sounding word that means My sweetheart in French. Mon amour: This is a French word that translates to My love. Mon beau: This is a cute sounding French word that translates to My beautiful one.cute names for your boyfriend in french May 03, 2016  Cute names to call your boyfriend in English: Apple just like the apple of the eye. Baby a lovable one. Quackers a combination of cutness with weirdness. Daredevil combination of adventurous and a really daring one. Cookie sweetness overloaded. Buzz

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend From All Over The World For inspiration about nicknames in English, there are thousands of sites on the Net at the click of the mouse, which will give you huge lists of romantic, funny and cute nicknames for your boyfriend. cute names for your boyfriend in french FRENCH TERMS OF ENDEARMENT. Just as in English, there are many cute nicknames you can come up with to address your love. Heres just a few of them I decided to share. French Pet Names. The French men love to use mon chou (my cabbage) as a cute name for girlfriend. He may even use ma biche (my doe), ma puce (my flea), ma poule (my little chicken), or ma petite caille (my little quail) for you. The girls on the other hand can use mon gros loup (my big wolf) or mon lapin (my rabbit) or even mon lapin (my rabbit), French nicknames for girlfriend. Chatounette: It means Kitty; also, a cute French nickname for lovers. Mon bb: It means my baby. Ma tourterelle: It means Turtledove. It is used as a pet name for someone you love. Ma loute: It means sweetheart. Mimoune: A bit old fashioned but sweet pet name for your girlfriend. Roudoudou: A cute nickname for a sweetheart. Check out our huge list of cute nicknames for guys. Choose one or choose many. French meaning my reason for living. Mr. Night Rider tall, dark, and handsome. I couldnt find any cute name for my boyfriend. Reply. Muskan says. June 24, 2018 at 11: 30 am. Same. Reply. ifeanyi says.

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