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Traditional Dances. Some of the best examples of the regional dances are the vira, chula, corridinho, tirana and fandango, where couples perform a lively dance usually to a fast beat of handclapping, guitars and accordions. Many of these dances reflect the courting and matrimonial traditions of the area and are often passionate and exciting to watch.Aug 31, 2014 Interpretation of a folk dance that originates from Portugal. Done by Grupo Etnogrfico de Areosa, based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Portuguese folk dance: Vira geral, Espanhol& Chula portuguese dance names

Native Dances. Many Portuguese dances are longestablished celebrations of seasonal festivals, including fall harvest and the beginning of spring, and commemorations of religious events. Local and national dances have drawn from pagan and Christian traditions equally. The annual festival held four days before Ash Wednesday,

Jun 09, 2007 Common Portuguese dance and song name? its that song that when they play at parties or weddings, they everyone gets together interlocks arms and starts moving their feet, and they go around in a circle. Your browser does not support audio. How to say dance in Portuguese What's the Portuguese word for dance? Here's a list of translations.portuguese dance names May 11, 2009  Portuguese traditional folk dance by Folk Ensemble 'Rancho Folclrico de Sao Pedro da Raimonda from Paos de Ferreira, Entre Douro e Minho, Portugal. Recorded in

Portuguese Dance. The history of Portuguese dance can be traced to the arrival of the merchants and soldiers in the 16th Century. The port of Malacca was crucial in the time of seafaring merchants, the spice trade and the silk trade. Many of the descendants of these merchants continue to live in Malacca retaining plenty of their own culture food, portuguese dance names There are 2 main types of Fado, which have the name of 2 important Portuguese cities: Lisbon Fado and Coimbra Fado. The first one is better known (headed by Amlia Rodrigues) whereas the second one is connected to the citys oldest university. Portuguese Names. Portuguese form and French variant of CHLOE. French form of the Germanic name Chlotichilda which was composed of the elements hlud fame and hild battle . Saint Clotilde was the wife of the Frankish king Clovis, whom she converted to Christianity. Portuguese form of Browse Names. Home Names. This is a list of names in which the gender is masculine; It also means love in Spanish and Portuguese, and the name can be derived directly from this vocabulary word. ANACLETO m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Portuguese Culture. Folk dancing is a very traditional type of dancing which still happens in Portugal today, these dances are usually celebrating a Saint as Portugal is a very Catholic and religious country. There are many types of dances depending on which part of Portugal you are living in, each with a different story to tell.

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