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But it is possible to grant select on VSESSION to role and than grant this role to user without dba role?Show CPU Usage for Active Sessions SET PAUSE ON SET PAUSE ' Press Return to Continue ' SET PAGESIZE 60 SET LINESIZE 300 COLUMN username FORMAT A30 COLUMN sid FORMAT 999, 999, 999 COLUMN serial# FORMAT 999, 999, 999 COLUMN cpu usage (seconds) FORMAT 999, 999, 999. 0000 SELECT s. username, t. sid, s. serial# , SUM (VALUE 100) as cpu v sesstat v statname v session

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If you want to the SQL also join vsqlarea table This will give you how much memory is utilized by packageprocedure and a simplecomplex SQL text VSTATNAME. VSTATNAME displays decoded statistic names for the statistics shown in the VSESSTAT and VSYSSTAT tables. . On some platforms, the NAME and CLASS columnsv sesstat v statname v session in sqlplus i mentioned as conn syspassword as sysdba Connected. grant select on vsession to hr; Grant succeeded. i mentioned in sql developer as

We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understand v sesstat v statname v session Session Statistics. Here are some scripts related to Session Statistics. Session IO By User. SESSION IO BY USER NOTES: Username Name of the Oracle process user OS User Name of the operating system user PID Process ID of the session SID Session ID of the session Serial# Serial# of the session Physical Reads Physical reads for the Jul 22, 2012 SQL select from dbasynonyms; SYNONYMNAME TABLENAME DUAL DUAL ORA: synonym translation is no longer valid, , vsession, vsesstat and vstatname table VMYSTAT VMYSTAT contains statistics on the current session. Column Datatype Description SID NUMBER ID of the current session STATISTIC# NUMBER

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