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Best Answer. Luckily for you and your Pokemon, there is actually a Name Rater located in a town somewhere in Pokemon Diamond. In this case, if you look around enough, you will find the Name Rater living in Eterna City. When you are in Eterna City, go into one of the tall buildings that has a small sign outside of the entrance to the building.In Pokemon Pearl where is the name rater? Update Cancel. a d b y D u c k D u c k G o. What is the revenue generation model for DuckDuckGo? What is the best water and flying type of Pokemon to use in Pokemon Diamond, not Platinum or Pearl? How do I change a Pokemon's name in Pokemon Pearl? Related Questions. name rater pokemon diamond pearl

The Name Rater is located in Eterna City. He is in the buildingnext to the Pokemon Mart.

How can the answer be improved? Apr 22, 2007 Top Voted Answer. Yes, you can, in eterna city. There is a large building next to the pokemart which has the name changer rater pokemon diamond pearl Renamable Pokmon. The Name Rater in Orre will also refuse to rename a Shadow Pokmon until it has been purified. In Generations I and II, a Pokmon can be renamed if its Original Trainer name and Trainer ID number match the player's. Starting in Generation III, a

May 25, 2007 Answers. The name rater is in Eterna City, in the building next to the PokeMart. This Site Might Help You. name rater pokemon diamond pearl 2 Answers. He's in Eterna City. Eterna Condominiums In this building, Sinnoh's Name Rater can be found, as well as a person named Norton who will trade a Chatot for a Buizel, and yet another who will give away TM67 (Recycle). Where is the Name Rater in HeartGoldSoulSilver? In Pokemon xy can the name rater change your Pokemons Nickname Back to it's default name? Where is the name rater in Pokemon oras? Where is the Name Rater in BlackWhite? Where on Pokemon Diamond can get my Pokemon's name changed? where do you find the sharp beak in platinum; Where is the name Pokemon Name Rater Answer He is in Eterna city. He is the old man in the building next to the Pokmart. Name rater He is in Eterna, on the right hand side of the mart. When you fly to Eterna, i think, you head south east to the mart. You go in the tall building next to the DiamondPearl PokdexBlackWhite PokdexX& Y PokdexSun& Moon PokdexLet's Go Pokdex AttackdexGen 1 AttackdexGen 2 AttackdexGen 3 Attackdex a Name Rater will appear. They will give you Diamonds: Do note that the figures listed are those without Motivation Bonus or any Individual Bonus. Rewards. Gift:

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