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2019-09-17 11:35

If VTP is not updating the VLANs correctly, check to make sure the MD5 digest on all VTP domain switches is the same. The MD5 digest is calculated using the revision number, domain name, and password to make sure the information in the VTP update can be trusted.Sep 19, 2009  But when the switch is connected to many other switches whose VTP domain were configured, it will learn the VTP domain string right away from these switches after reload. This is a feature of an IOS switch that when VTP is in nomanagementdomain state, it inherits the management domain name and the VTP configuration revision number upon it receives the first VTP clear vtp domain name

In order to reset the Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP) information when a switch is added to an existing VTP domain, the best option is to change the VTP mode to transparent.

Jun 16, 2018  I try to search for way to delete vtp domain name. Now I find only this way to delete (delete vlan. dat wr er reload). I need to know any way for delete vtp domain name If you've configured a domain name and you want to erase it and leave the domain name empty, try using the vtp domain command without a domain name specified. If its a client, all you have to do is go into VLAN config mode and set it as a client ( vtp client ).clear vtp domain name to change the vtp domain name back to default, you just need to change delete vlan. dat from the flash without deleting the configuration. The configuration will be preserved and vtp will go back to factory default with no domain.

The VTP domain name is currently blank (no name). I might take your advice of managing the VLANs on both switches However, if I really want to create a VTP domain, would the following procedure preserve all current VLANs on my existing switch. clear vtp domain name Jun 28, 2018 How do I delete a VTP domain from a 6509 running IOS? I want to get rid of a VTP domain out of this box but can't find the command to do it. Here is the config: vtp domain NULL, you'll simply change the vtp domain name to the string 'NULL' rather than assinging it a NULL value. HTH, Bobby. 5 Helpful Reply. Sep 29, 2014 Notes: The only way to attach this switch to another VTP domain is to manually set a different VTP domain name. Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) sends the VTP domain name in a DTP packet. Therefore, if you have two ends of a link that belong to different VTP domains, the trunk does not come up if you use DTP. Delete flash: vlan. dat. reboot and your switch is in factory default. There is a difference between removing VTP domain name and clearing the switch I am sure you know what is the difference I just don't know why you answer that way. Have a good life. Jun 14, 2017  Deleting the VTP Configuration From a Cisco Switch. The VLAN database is stored as a file in the flash memory. To see it, go into privileged mode and issue a directory command for flash: The VLAN database is stored in the file vlan. dat . Since Cisco represents the

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