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In Oracle 10g, you can simply rename a tablespace TBS01 to TBS02 by issuing the following command: ALTER TABLESPACE tbs01 RENAME TO tbs02; However, you must follow the rules when renaming a tablespace: You must set compatibility level to at least. You cannot rename the SYSTEM or SYSAUX tablespaces.9 Managing Datafiles and Tempfiles. This chapter describes the various aspects of datafile and tempfile management, and contains the following topics: Guidelines for Managing Datafiles. Creating Datafiles and Adding Datafiles to a Tablespace. Changing Datafile Size. Altering Datafile Availability. Renaming and Relocating Datafiles. Dropping rename tempfile oracle 10g

Jan 24, 2017 Move or Rename the Tempfile in Oracle. Posted on January 24, 2017 by tosasan. 1. Login as SYSDBA 2. Check the Tempfile status. Rename Tempfile that already move to other location. SQL ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE 'u01temp01. dbf' TO 'u02temp01. dbf Database altered. 7. Check the Tempfile status after moved to other location

Feb 01, 2010 It's trying to reuse the SOURCE database's TEMP file, any ideas why it's trying to point to source db to create destination TEMP? I have the same question Show 0 Likes (0) 1951 Views Apr 11, 2016 1) sqplus to the database and make sure the Tempfiles that you want to rename or change the location. SQL select name from vtempfile; 2) create a pfile beforerename tempfile oracle 10g Move or Rename the Tempfile in Oracle# Copy the old temp files to other location(data03): Setting up the. bashprofile in oracle 10g; MUTT command not Found Crontab; Archive Log Mode; ORA: looping chain of synonyms; Multiplex the Control files in Oracle 10g;

how do i shrink datafiles in oracle 10G? Stack Overflow. Log In Sign Up; current community. Stack Overflow help chat. Meta Stack Overflow How to rename a table column in Oracle 10g. 4. Different results with the same query in oracle 11g and 10g. 0. DBMSSQL. TOREFCURSOR equivalent in Oracle 10g. rename tempfile oracle 10g rename tempfile oracle 10g If the file is the default temporary tablespace then you need perform the below from step 1, Else if you want to move a datafile of a normal temporary tablespace then perform the below from step 2.

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