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Jul 22, 2016 Some times in Windows Some unused files appear in blue or green color Remember that its not a Virus Its a feature of NTFS File System Watch the vedio for more details Dont forget Subscribe to theTurn off compression. (Or, if all of your file names and folders have blue letters, find that drives icon in the Start menus Computer program. ) Rightclick the folder (or your drives icon) containing the blue files and choose Properties from the popup menu. Click to remove the checkmark in the checkbox called, file name appears blue

Jun 19, 2005 Answer. The reason you have some black file names along with the blue is that they were added after the compression was ordered elsewhere. . Hi, I was just wondering why all of a sudden some of the file names in Windows Explorer appear in blue font. It's kind of disconcerting not knowing the reason for this development. . Blue files are compressed

A: If file names or folder names show up in blue, it is because file compression or encryption is enabled on that file or folder. Windows automatically compresses files that do not get used frequently, and displays those files in blue. You can change this behavior with the following steps: Windows 10, 8, 7, & Vista. Open Control Panel. Dec 01, 2005 Why do some filename's appear blue instead of black? Here's probably a very simple question for a lot of you, but has left me If the person seeing blue meaning compress file names is running Disk Cleanup and has the Compress Old Files box check, the files not usedfile name appears blue Jul 31, 2008 This is a partial listing of the files in my C: \Windows folder. You can see that some of the folders are displayed in blue, while others are shown in the more common black. In the NTFS file system, files and folders can be marked as compressed . This means that when the file is written to disk it is compressed to take up less actual disk space.

May 19, 2011 Hi all, today I received a zip file that had been created on a Mac. When I extracted the file on my Windows 7 machine, it resulted in a folder with a number of files. Oddly, when I browse it in Windows Explorer, the folder name appears in green type, rather than black type like the rest of the foldersfiles in that directory. file name appears blue Nov 11, 2010 Some files in Windows Explorer have turned blue. The weird thing is that only a few files on my computer are appearing like that. The rest are in the normal back colored font. All of the settings for the files' properties are the same, and they still run the way they are supposed to. 1 Answer. It is blue because that means it is compressed with NTFS compression. As a note, although I am not sure why anyone would do this, this can be turned off by opening Computer, holding down the ALT key, and going to ToolsFolder OptionsView and unchecking Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color . Not usually, always. Jul 23, 2005 Does anyone know why some file names appear in blue text? G. Guest Guest. Jul 23, 2005# 6 Archived from groups: Those are the magical Blue Fairy files! BTW, she likes to compress them due to lack of use to save you a bit of drive space. The Blue Fairy lives [Fix Some File and Folder Names Showing in Blue or Green Color in Windows Explorer. Recently we received following email from an AskVG reader: Hi VG. Recently I noticed that some files and folders names are showing in blue and green color in Windows Explorer. It seems all files and folders names are turning into either blue or green color.

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