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2020-02-20 03:20

Love Hina Characters. What is this strange attraction for Love Hina? Keitaro's a wimp! He doesn't even remember her name! Then there's Narusegawa, who eventually becomes his study partner to help him out. Well, the manga artist commented drawing a turtle is easy. He just likes turtles I guess. Love Hina Links. Return to the Main PageHot Springs Turtles are a unique species of turtle that appears in Love Hina. The species is said to inhabit the nearby volcanic regions of Japan, swimming amongst the local hot springs (hence the name). The species are uniquely intelligent, capable of understanding and responding to human love hina turtle name

Mei was created for and appears primarily in the Love Hina anime, though she is referred to in at least two places in the manga and is seen in the last chapter of the final volume of the manga.

Tamago Onsen (Onsen Tamago (Hotsprings Egg)) (usually referred to as simply Tama or Tamachan) is a Hot Springs Turtle that, due to his popularity, serves as the unofficial animal mascot of the Love Hina series alongside Liddokun. He was originally given as a present to Keitaro Urashima and How can the answer be improved?love hina turtle name

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