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New Mexico flag 2 x 3 feet Nylon. New Mexico 4ft. x 6ft. Designed in 1920, the flag was officially introduced in 1925 in the red and yellow of Spain with the Indian sun symbol to celebrate the state's Native American and Spanish roots. Our extra durable SpectraPro flags are made of twoply spun polyester to stand up toDownload Flag (filled in with name) Download Flag (filled in without name) We're always adding new printables, and would love to hear your suggestions. Submit Suggestion Close. The flag of the state of New Mexico Free to download and print. New Mexico Flag. The flag of the state of New Mexico. Download Flag (filled in with name) new mexico flag name

Yigal Ben Efraim. The flag of the state of New Mexico consists of a red sun symbol of the Zia on a field of yellow. The colors honor Isabella I of Castile, her Habsburg heirs and the conquistadors who explored in her name. The Daughters of the American Revolution pushed New Mexico to design a contemporary and unique flag in 1920.

the Flag of New Mexico, the design is called a Zia and it represents: Five Sacred things to Native American cultures, The circle binds all of the. New Mexico State Flag. The yellow field and red symbol colors are the colors of Spain. First brought to New Mexico by Spanish explorers in 1540. On New Mexico's flag we see a red sun with rays streching out from it. There are four groups of rays with four rays in each group. This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called the mexico flag name Flag of New Mexico. It was designed in 1920, to highlight the state's Native American Pueblo and Nuevo Mxico Hispano roots. The colors evoke the flags of Habsburg Spain (the Cross of Burgundy ), Spain and the Crown of Aragon, brought by the conquistadors.

New Mexicos flag is just one of four flags in the United States that does not have the color blue in its design. New Mexico has a pledge to the state flag in both English and Spanish. Name new mexico flag name Flag of New Mexico. The colors on New Mexico's state flag are the red and yellow of old Spain. The simple, elegant center design is the ancient Zia sun symbol, which represents the unique character of New Mexico (Zia sun symbol also appears on New Mexico's state quarter). The Zia Indians of New Mexico regard the Sun as sacred. Full Answer. The official nickname of the state of New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, describes the rich history and the scenic beauty of this state. The nickname became official on April 8, 1999, even though the legend was placed on New Mexico license plates in 1941. The Cactus State This name describes the abundant cacti New Mexico. New Mexico ( Spanish: Nuevo Mxico pronounced [nweo mexiko, Navajo: Yoot Hahoodzo pronounced [jtx xxts) is a state in the Southwestern Region of the United States of America. With a population of approximately two million, New Mexico is the 36th most populous state. Flag of New Mexico. The original state flag of New Mexico, designed by the historian Ralph E. Twitchell and adopted in 1915, was typical of American vexillography (flag design). On a blue background it included the name of the state, its order of admission to the Union (47), the state seal, and a U. S.

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