Cypraea pellucens panamensis

2019-08-23 14:47

Conchology, Inc. is the world's leading seashell company. With over 172, 000 shells for sale. With seashell related information for expert and amateur collectors.Cypraea alisonae Burgess, 1983 Cypraea teres pellucens Melvill, 1888 Talostolida pellucens is a species of sea snail, a cowry, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Cypraeidae, the cowries. cypraea pellucens panamensis

Cypraea pellucens (Melvill, 1888) Cypraea pellucens alisonae Burgess, 1983: Cypraea pellucens natalensis (Heiman& Mienis, 2002) Cypraea pellucens panamensis Lorenz, 2002: Cypraea petitiana Crosse, 1872: Cypraea picta Gray, 1824: Cypraea piperita bicolor Gaskoin, 1849: Cypraea piperita disseecta Iredale, 1931: Cypraea piperita Gray, 1825

Cypraea pellucens panamensis. 29, 6 mm, Cebaco Island Panam. 30, 00 donax seashells Cypraea pellucens v. alisonae EXTRA RARE ROSTRATE. 34 mm, NEW CALEDONIA [R pellucens, Ellobium (4) pellucens, Eulimella pellucens, Mareleptopoma (2) pellucens, Talostolida pellucens (4) pellucens, Trivia (4) pellucens alisonae (var. ), Talostolida pellucens (5) pellucens jacksoni (var. ), Talostolida pellucens pellucens natalensis (var. ), Talostolida pellucens (1) pellucens panamensis, Talostolida (6)cypraea pellucens panamensis This page contains CYPRAEIDAE specimen shells and seashells from the Philippines

Talostolida pellucens (Melvill, 1888) Talostolida pellucens: 2013 Subspecies Talostolida pellucens panamensis (Lorenz, 2002) Subspecies Talostolida pellucens sumeihoae Daughenbaugh& Beals, To Biodiversity Heritage Library (1 publication) (from synonym Cypraea teres pellucens Melvill, 1888) To Biological Information System for Marine cypraea pellucens panamensis Cypraea teres pellucens J. C. Melvill, 1888. Additional DB records: Toliara 42. 3 mm Hawaii 37 mm Kamehamea Reef, Hawaii 35. 5 mm Talostolida pellucens panamensis F. Jr. Lorenz, 2002 ID: ; Panama, Casaya Island 23, 9 mm Additional DB records: Pacific, Panama 27, 72 mm Quality specimen shells for sale. No. Species Data Size (mm) price in Euro set of 3; nanostraca Lo. & Chiapponi 2005 (Bistolida): 521 CYPRAEIDAE. The most popular of all families, mainly because the shells are glossy, often brightly coloured and pleasant to touch. CYPRAEIDAE Talostolida pellucens panamensis View All 4. CYPRAEIDAE Talostolida pellucens pellucens View All 108. CYPRAEIDAE Talostolida pellucens pellucens f. polynesiana Species: Cypraea pellucens panamensis Lorenz, 2002 Location: Colombia Description: F, HUMONGOUS SPECIMEN FROM MALPELO ISLAND! DEAD TAKEN BUT IT IS IMPRESSIVE! Size: 42. 7mm Price: 75. 00 Offered in our list: 4718 (stock in brazil)

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