R characters in column names

2020-01-23 18:32

Row and Column Names Description. Retrieve or set the row or column names of a matrixlike object. (if any) is used for the column names. For a data frame, rownames and colnames eventually call row. names and value will be coerced by as. character, and setting colnames will convert the row names to character. Note. If the replacementnames: character vector to be coerced to syntactically valid names. This is coerced to character if necessary. unique: logical; if TRUE, the resulting elements are unique. This may be desired for, e. g. , column names. allow logical. For compatibility with R prior to. r characters in column names

I'm processing hundreds of MS excel sheets with R (and gdata), in order to save their data in a database. Unfortunately some (actually a lot) column names contain signs like ,

A text editor or web browser interpreting the text as ISO or CP1252 will display the characters for this R is giving you the and then converting the other two into dots as they are nonalphanumeric characters. Various verbs have issues if column names contain spaces or other nonalphanumeric characters. They work only if all column names are valid R identifiers. mutateif mutateat summariseif summariseat selectif rename summarizeall slicer characters in column names R order a data. frame by column name AS CHARACTER. Ask Question 10. 6. I seem to have this problem quite often with functions that take column name inputs. Is there some term to describe this problemspace in R (character identifier versus noncharacter identifier)? r.

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