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2019-09-21 12:11

If the fight is a one on one tournament, I think that Tony Jaa would not make it out of the first round. He is young, fast and very good. But the depth of his understanding of martial arts is not as broad as the rest.May 15, 2006 can tony jaa really fight, did tony jaa compete, is tony jaa a real fighter, tony jaa a genuine fighter, tony jaa competition, tony jaa competition fights, tony jaa fight record, tony jaa in the ring, tony jaa real fight, tony jaa real fight competition, tony jaa real fight tournament, tony jaa real fought with fighters, tony jaa ring fight tony jaa real fight tournament

Tony Jaa went on another path. He brought traditional Muay Thai to the Hollywood screens which were more focused on Chinese martial arts. He has obviously trained very hard and is probably at peak fitness right now. But judging his ability (or inability) to fight in real situations based on what he does in movies is

Nov 12, 2007 But if they're facing each other in a tournament Jet Li will become a loser because he's good only in front of the camera, i. e. beautiful moves but lack of power and speed (he was a Wushu champion, but that's only for showmanship) Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa can be a draw, or Lee wins. If you want to see a real life Jaa May 27, 2016 tony Jaa: Tony Jaa was born in Surin province, Isan, Thailand, and was raised in a rural area in Surin. He graduate bachelor's degree from Maha Sarakarm Institute of Physical Education. Histony jaa real fight tournament

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