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Get file directory path from file path. Ask Question 297. 52. Using this regex does the right thing, whereas the dirname function returned the parent folder when I input a folder. AnneTheAgile Dec 7 '13 at 19: 33. 6. Get current directory name (without full path) in a Bash script. 1079. Looping through the content of a file in Bash.Getting parent's directory name by piping the results of dirname to basename in a Bash script. Given a path like this test902a5Windows I am trying to get the result 902a5 using the commands dirname to get the path and after basename to get the name. The problem occurs when i try to make it in a single line trying to pipe the results from dirname to basename. I have tried this but seems that i am using it get parent directory name bash

Note that the 1 portion of the command represents the first argument of a script or function. You may need to use Get current directory name (without full path) in a Bash script. 1079. Looping through the content of a file in Bash. 312. Get just the filename from a path in a Bash script.

In bash i get the executing script's parent folder name by this line SCRIPTPARENTreadlink f BASHSOURCE. . Is there any way to achieve this in zsh in a way that works both in zsh and b get the directory of the file in a very general way (when file is known with a relative or absolute pathname, or no path at all): thedir (cd P (dirname filename ) ; pwd) So to get the parent of that directory:get parent directory name bash Fantastic answer. Since it seems like he was looking for a way to do this from within a script (find the script's current directory and it's parent and do something relative to where the script lives) this is a great answer and you can have even more control over whether the input has a trailing slash or not by using parameter expansion against BASHSOURCE[0 which would be the full path to

Specifically, BASHSOURCE[0 consistently stores the path of the current script. See also this article on BASHSOURCE. Given that, a new valid strategy to get the script directory may be to use BASHSOURCE[0 instead of 0 in the first attempt. get parent directory name bash In shell how would I get the parent directory of a file. E. g. I feed this in: pathtotextfile. txt And get just: pathto Thanks. Rename the file name from Parent directory: Gurjeet Singh: UNIX for Beginners Questions& Answers: 2: 05: 44 PM: Parent Child directory and file details: skp: Get the parent directory for a file. Ask Question 18. 4. I want to get just the name of the parent directory for a file. Example: When I have pathabcdfile, I want only d and not abcd Move each file into its parent directory in linux. Hot Network Questions get parent directory of a file in bash. Ask Question 2. 1. How do I get a parent directory for a file? I want it to be safe on all kind of names: Suppose your current directory is homeuserbin and the 'file name' is. . (the parent current directory). Presumably, Retrieve parent directory of script. Ask Question 6. 1. Get current directory name (without full path) in a Bash script. 900. YYYYMMDD format date in shell script. 560. Reliable way for a Bash script to get the full path to itself. 1028. Check existence of input argument in a Bash shell script.

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