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Re: How to get property or class member variable value using reflection? I need to access a public member of a class using reflection. And then call a method of that member (the memberGetting the name of a field in c# . Ask Question 27. 9. If you only want to get name of an instance member, you can use shorter code: . NET, C# , Reflection: list the fields of a field that, itself, has fields. 0. How can I get the name of a List 1. get member name reflection

It is not possible to do this with reflection, because variables won't have a name once compiled to IL. However, you can use expression trees and promote the variable to a closure: static string expr) var body return body. Member. Name;

Types contain members; You need to use Reflection when you want to inspect the contents of an assembly. For example, you can get all members of the object by typing. before an object when viewing your Visual Studio editor IntelliSense. Obtains information about the attributes of a member and provides access to member metadata.get member name reflection An array of MemberInfo objects representing the public members with the specified name, if found; otherwise, an empty array.

Get Property Names using Reflection [C# To get names of properties for a specific type use method Type. GetProperties. Method returns array of PropertyInfo objects and the property names are available through PropertyInfo. Name property. get member name reflection The following example displays the member name and type of a specified class. (ControlChars. Cr ' Get the Type and MemberInfo. Dim MyType As Type Dim Mymemberinfoarray As MemberInfo() MyType. GetMembers() ' Get the MemberType method and display the elements. How to get a property value based on the name. Ask Question 116. 15. Keep in mind that since this uses reflection, it is much slower. Probably not an issue, but good to be aware of. Instead of passing property value can I pass index and get the property name and value considers all of the parts of the signature, including custom modifiers, return types, parameter types, sentinels, and unmanaged calling conventions. This is a binary comparison. For reflection, properties and events are Only the simple name of the member is returned, not the fully qualified name. To get the Name property, get the class Type. From the Type, get the MemberInfo array. From a MemberInfo element of the array, obtain the Name property. Applies to

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