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2020-02-18 17:39

Yesthe Premium Caller ID service is an additional 2. 99month. All current iOS and Android devices in Sprint stores are eligible. If you subscribe to Premium Caller ID and receive an incoming call from someone already in your ContactsAddress book, the name willChange Your Caller ID name on sprint. com Sign in to My Sprint by clicking Sign inCreate my profile. From My Sprint select Preferences. Click Change Caller ID name. Update Caller ID name caller id name change sprint

The Sprint Phone Connect 3 only displays the phone number of the incoming call and is not capable of displaying the name of the caller. Visit the customer community Email this topic

Feb 24, 2016 How do I change the name that appears on caller ID when I call someone? ReedAtkins Feb 24, 2016 10: 59 AM How would I change the name so when I call a landline or someone with a caller ID, it comes up as my name instead of my mothers? Sep 23, 2003 Anybody know how to change the assigned username and also the name that shows up on caller ID when you call somenone? I got 2 phones, and would like my wife's to be uniquely identified, but her's shows up on caller ID under my name, plus she needs a different username. Thanks in advance.caller id name change sprint Dec 10, 2011 [Sprint Changing Outgoing Caller ID Name Hi, I'm a virgin mobile customer, I recently contacted them about changing what the caller id says on the person I'm calling from my cell phone.

Online: Smartphone or Tablet. Go to m. sprint. com. Tap Menu then My Sprint. Tap My Account; sign in using your username and password. Tap Manage Your Devices. Tap Change Caller ID Name. Change the name for your phone. Tap Save. caller id name change sprint Verizon, Sprint and TMobile now offer it for IOS! Caller name id is available on the iPhone on other carriers. Those carriers use the same service (cequent) as att. Re: Caller ID name change 1. Visit sprint. commysprint. 2. Click the Sign in button. Enter your username and password to sign in to My Sprint. 3. On the My account tab, scroll down to the device listing and click Caller ID name link next 4. Select the dropdown arrow in the Caller ID Type Re: Caller ID name change. If the change actually went through it normally takes the 72 hours as mentioned before. The device would need to be powercycled in order for it to register. You shouldn't need to contact tech support to have that changed.

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