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In your DLLImport statement, since you specify you don't need to specify the name mangling. Just give the regular name ( Add ) and. NET willEntryPoint ? [email protected]@YAXXZ , ExactSpelling true, CallingConvention private static extern void Foo(); There are ways to change the C function declaration to make the C# declaration easier. Which is actually not a good idea, these decorated names actually help catch mistakes. dllimport entrypoint namespace

PInvoke and the DllImport Attribute. The following example shows the use of PInvoke in a Visual C program. The native function puts is defined in msvcrt. dll. The DllImport attribute is used for the declaration of puts.

Calling Unmanaged Code: Part 1 simple DLLImport EntryPoint sum , static extern int sum(int a, int b); But it does not work and cribs saying that MATHCOMLib is an unknown namespace. Pl suggest solutions. Regards, MKS Reply; Mar 06, 2011  PInvoke or using DllImport attribute is used for calling unmanaged code from managed code. In your case you need not use the DllImport attribute. . Net Assemblies are self describing and you can just use the Add Reference to access the other assembly, moreover youdllimport entrypoint namespace CallingConvention EntryPoint # 15 ) bool SomeFunc(string p1, bool p2); 15 is the function ordinal according to Depends, and the EntryPoint in the first version is also obtained from Depends.

Examples. In some cases, Visual Basic developers use the DllImportAttribute, instead of using the Declare statement, to define a DLL function in managed code. Setting the ExactSpelling field is one of those cases. ExactSpellingtrue) int MessageBoxA(IntPtr hWnd, String Text, String Caption, unsigned int Type); dllimport entrypoint namespace The code example uses the EntryPoint property to specify the function to import and then changes the name to using System; using class Example Use DllImport to import the Win32 MessageBox function.

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