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Sep 06, 2015 all i'm doing is showing you is it works and how you can easily change your characters to make sod more enjoyable. thanks for watching if you like this video vote and thanks: ) GameCardio governs the amount of stamina a character has and is the most important stat. If stamina runs out, the character cannot run, cannot fight, and is likely soon to be a meal for a zombie. Wits governs the ability to assess a situation and act accordingly. More wits allows you to search for items faster. state of decay change character name

Examining the characters. xml file reveals the total number of characters in State of Decay (including Soldiers, Swats, debug characters, etc) to be roughly 150. Among this number: About 40 characters are tied to storyline missions and not playable

Jun 13, 2013 For State of Decay on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled How to change character . Oct 19, 2013 State of folders, and leave the moddedswapped file, just instead of v01. cdf, v02. cdf, etc, name it with the name of the character you want to replace.state of decay change character name This group is dedicated to one sole purpose. Modding the sht out of State of Decay.

To change characters in State of Decay 2 multiplayer, you have to make your way to a hosts base or outpost. The thing is, to switch between characters, you still can only pull from your own community. state of decay change character name Jun 05, 2013 It's simple. First press up on your Dpad then cycle through the characters and see which ones are your friends (once you earn a characters trust they become your friend and you can play as them) and press X. However you are unable to switch characters when you are doing certain missions (the blue missions which show up on your map and compass).

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