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Check out our articles on the difference between a German shepherd and Belgian shepherd and find out the best diet for a German shepherd puppy. Names for female German Shepherd dogs Names suitable for female German Shepherds need to sound strong but harmonious.German shepherd female names Ella (short for Eleanor Roosevelt). Amelia (Amelia Earhart). Katniss (after the main character in The Hunger Games trilogy). Liz (short for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II). Hermione (Harry Potter). Nancy (Nancy Drew series). Xena (Xena the Warrior Princess). River famous names for german shepherds

German Shepherd Dog Names in Pop Culture. During this time, the most famous German Shepherd was Rin Tin Tin, who was a dog actor and an international sensation. Rinty, as he was nicknamed by soldier Lee Duncan, was rescued at a battlefield during the World War I. Trained by Duncan, he passed an audition for a silent film.

How can the answer be improved? Famous Dogs. Rin Tin Tin is still one of the most famous dogs and recognized names in German Shepherd Dog history. The Rinty line is the oldest continuous bloodline in the history of the breed. A recent movie called Finding Rin Tin Tin does not include dogs from the original Rinty line. Loosely based on the story of Rin Tin Tin,famous names for german shepherds Max, the most popular name for male German Shepherds, was also the No. 1 name for male dogs overall (of any breed) in 2015. Popular German Shepherd names that didn't quite earn top 10 status with puppies born this year were Jake (No. 6 for GSDs), Shadow (No. 7), Jack (No. 9) and Rex (No. 10).

Athena: This name is Greek in origin and means wise. In Mythology Athena is the virgin goddess of wisdom and war and can see it as a perfect fit for a female German Shepherd. Bach: Johannes Sebastian Bach was a music composer of German background, composing hundreds of famous pieces. This would make a classic German Shepherd name famous names for german shepherds Female German Shepherd Names Top 10 Most Popular Male Names According to poll conducted by Rover. com with US Citizens and their user data, these are the most popular Dog names of 2015. The only survivors were a young boy named Rusty and his German shepherd he called Rin Tin Tin. The Cavalry took the boy and his dog to Fort Apache in Arizona, where Lt. Ripley Rip Masters made Rusty a Corporal so he could stay on at the fort. Best German Shepherd Names to Catch your Dog's Attention Fictional characters that are friendly and loyal as German Shepherd names. German Shepherd names from Kings, Queens and Rulers. German Shepherd Names associated with strong and powerful personalities. Famous scientist for German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin is arguably one of the most famous of all male German Shepherd names. He was in 26 Warner Brothers movies in the early 20th century until his death in 1932. Another in a long line of famous male German Shepherd names is Buddy. That was the name of the very first seeing eye dog, trained and owned by Frank Morris. Mr.

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