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Hispanic surnames can be especially important to genealogists because children are commonly given two surnames, one from each parent. The middle name (1st surname) traditionally comes from the father's name (apellido paterno), and the last name (2nd surname) is the mother's maiden name (apellido materno).Spain Expects up to 200, 000 Jews to Apply for Citizenship. The total number of Jews in Spain could be around 40, 000, according to Querub and media reports. Modern Spanish Jews dont necessarily have historic ties to the country, but likely emigrated from Morocco, the Balkans and elsewhere in Europe and Latin America, according to the World Jewish Congress. list of spanish last names for citizenship

Eligibility: Who may apply Who can apply for Spanish citizenship as a result of the Citizenship Law for Sephardi Jews? You may apply if you prove your Sephardic origin and a special connection with Spain, even if you do not have legal residence in Spain. Can a nonJewish person apply? Yes, he

Madrid approves citizenship for all Sephardic Jews, and a fake 'official list' of eligible names fools thousands. Mar 20, 2014  Many Seek Spanish Citizenship Offered to Sephardic Jews. The dualcitizenship measure will require that applicants establish their heritage through surnames or other proof oflist of spanish last names for citizenship Viral New Spanish Law Offers Citizenship For Those With These Last Names. Oh, and you have to be a Sephardic Jew too

Spanish authorities presumably fearful that the list of Sephardic surnames could provoke an avalanche of citizenship applications issued an urgent notice that the government has no intention list of spanish last names for citizenship Mar 24, 2014 Spain's government published a list of 220 names and 5000 Jewish name that will be recognized after more than 500 years of being excluded. few days ago, the Spanish parliament began an analysis to return citizenship to the descendants of the Jews expelled in 1492. Surnames of Spanish language origin. . This is a category based on linguistic origin. Categorization of various list articles where some entries may be Spanish (or from another Spanishspeaking country) by ancestry, culture, ethnicity, or nationality, is unwarranted without references attesting to the relation between the surname and the Spanish language. Whereas most Ashkenazi surnames are of relatively recent origin, many, though not all, Sephardic surnames go back many centuries and sometimes a millennium or more. Whereas it is dictum in Ashkenazi research that a family name is of less importance than the name of the ancestral shtetl, this is not true when dealing with Sephardic names. To apply, interested parties will have to go to Spain at their own expense. The requirements for application are similar to those of anyone applying for Spanish citizenship. The Spanish law expires after three years and there is a fee of 100 Euros. Sephardic surnames are an additional mean of evidence, but not a crucial one.

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