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[source The path to the template as returned by the template loader. For loaders that read from the file system, this is the full path to the template. Search for information in the archives of the djangousers mailing list, or post a question.getfullname(): A longer formal identifier for the user. A common interpretation would be the full name of the user, but it can be any string that identifies the user. getshortname(): A short, informal identifier for the user. A common interpretation would be the first name of the user. Okay, lets move forward. django get user full name template

Migrating to a Custom User Model in Django migration, howto, model, django; Tobias McNulty (self): return users s urlquote (self. email) def getfullname (self): Returns the firstname plus the lastname, (and migrating to) a custom user model with Django 1. 5's new support for the same. As you can see it's a pretty

The link is slightly different for Django 1. 10, but idea is the same, the inserts the request in template, while the inserts user in context. Checks whether an application with the given name exists in the registry. appname is the full name of the app, e. g. modelname, requirereadyTrue) Returns the Model with the given applabel and modelname.django get user full name template from import User class user Alternatively, if you only need the full name in the template you could write a simple tag: Make sure you override it with the callable, not the result of the function.

Only one class of user exists in Djangos authentication framework, i. e. , 'superusers' or admin 'staff' users are just user objects with special attributes set, not different classes of user objects. The primary attributes of the default user are: templatename: The full name of a template to display the view. django get user full name template Feb 03, 2011 template: Don't forget the loginrequired decorator, because if an anonymous user try to get that page he will get an exception (I think, didn't You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Django users group. To post to this group, send email to Django Tips# 7 How to Get the Current URL Within a Django Template. Jul 20, 2016 1 minute read comments; request. getfullpath Domain, path and querystring: Outputs. How to Extend Django User Model getfullname() Returns the first For Djangos default user model, the user identifier is the username, for custom user models it is the field specified by USERNAMEFIELD (see Customizing Users and authentication). It also handles the default permissions model as defined for User and PermissionsMixin. from django. contrib. auth import login from import User from django. shortcuts import render, redirect from import forcetext from django. utils. http import urlsafebase64decode from mysite. core. tokens import def activate (request, uidb64, token): try: uid forcetext (urlsafebase64decode (uidb64)) user User. objects. get (pk

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