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10 Greatest Pakistani Female Singers of All Time. and many of them are women. Lets read about some of the greatest Pakistani female singers, who have enthralled India and their own country alike with their unique but melodious voices. irrespective of the origin of the artiste. Thus, some of the best names in music as mentioned abovePakistani female singers. The list Pakistani female singers has been viewed 18, 102 times. This list has 1 sublist and 79 members. See also Pakistani singers, Female singers by nationality, Pakistani women by occupation. FLAG 0 0. 18, 102 views Like. Pakistani girl groups 3 T female pakistani singers names

Female Pakistani singers have great contribution in adding to the name of Pakistan. Quality of sound and melody of voice are the idiosyncrasies of our female singers. Madam Noor Jahan, Nazia Hassan and Reshama are few names from the long list of female music legends of Pakistan.

Top 10 Best Pakistani Singers. pakgrl94 The Top Ten. Interesting to see that all other names of this list actually consider NFAK their Godfather& Maybe God. . He is the Best there ever was. No one has surpassed him and looks like no one ever will surpass him. No female singer in Pakistan comes even close to her title as the Queen. How can the answer be improved?female pakistani singers names Pakistan is the country which is home and patron of Ghazals, Sufism, Klasik, Qawwali, and various different folk forms. Other than that, few genres in music, has provided few of the best and melodious singers, surprisingly many of them are females.

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