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You use punctuation to add clarity and readability to your writing. Below is a list of the different symbols used for punctuation. Below is a list of the different symbols used for punctuation. NAMES OF PUNCTUATION MARKScomma, period, colon, semicolon, quotation marks, parentheses, brackets, braces, question mark, exclamation point, elipses, hyphen, dash, apostrophe. name punctuation marks

2 Answers. Technically, they are called points of ellipsis, and come in the 3 and 4dot string. In professional typesetting, manuscript is prepared with manual periods never the ellipsis character available in some typefaces so that the typesetter can customize the

Punctuation is the name of the marks used in writing. They are very essential signs to understand a sentence in correct way. They represent the expression and feeling in a sentence. How can the answer be improved?name punctuation marks How to Punctuate Names that End with a Punctuation Mark. Posted on July 17, 2016 you might need to write about a company whose legal name ends with an ending punctuation mark (period, question mark, and exclamation point) and be faced with a few dilemmas.

The word for the punctuation mark, on the other hand, comes from (or klon), which means limb or clause and it is used because one of the main functions of the colon is to separate two clauses, where the second clause explains or follows from the first. name punctuation marks

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