Kung fu master names blade and soul

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The Kung Fu Masters greatest strength is how well they cooperate with other warriors. By leading the charge, the Kung Fu Master can force an enemy into submission while teammates pour on the damage.Aug 03, 2018 Blade& Soul Forums. Existing user? Sign In; Sign Up; This Topic i just made a kung fu master so i need a tutorial like full build, combos and play style, how to fight bosses in dungeons (better still) Glory Soul Badges. Magnum allows you to use your RMB (guiding fist) to instantly proc 1 stage of Searing Palm and also resets the kung fu master names blade and soul

The Kung Fu Masters strength is Countering, both with the skill named Counter, and in the tactic. What highlights a truly skilled Kung Fu Master is their ability to use their opponents power against them, predicting their actions, and outmaneuvering them. Kung Fu Master Combos Common Combos. Combo 1 1. Leading Palm (X) 2. Searing Palm (X) 3.

Character Listings Type Players NPCs Race Jin Gon Lyn Yun Gender Male Female Class Assassin Blade Master Blade Dancer Destroyer Force Master Kung Fu Master While their mighty punches and kicks can lay waste to enemies, a Kung Fu Masters true power is their ability to catch an opponents attack, divert the blow, then counterattack in the blink of an eye.kung fu master names blade and soul

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