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Changing your name after marriage. There is no legal or other obligation on anyone in Ireland to change their name on marriage. The fact that some people do, is purely based on tradition and culture. They may, for example, wish to signify they have joined a new family and therefore take the new name but this is purely a social or culturalA woman's name change rights and options upon marriage A marriage certificate simply records the names of the couple who are marrying. 3. 2 A further option if you plan to doublebarrel your surnames If you will both be doublebarrelling your surnames by Deed Poll, the cost of a second Deed Poll can be avoided if your husbandtobe double barrel names after marriage ireland

If you want to keep your maiden name after marriage, but you want to change your title to Mrs or Ms, for example, you dont need a deed poll. Nor do you need to change your passport. you can doublebarrel you and your partners surnames by using your marriage certificate, Deed Poll Office is a trading name of Deed Poll Office Ltd

If you plan on going by your married name, then your marriage certificate should be enough when it comes to changing names on important documents. Get plenty of copies of this as it will be required by a variety of places when it comes to changing your name. Advice about doublebarrelled surnames please. Plum? Peach? Papaya? do people tend to miss out one of the names entirely and do you have to keep correcting them? fuzzpig if your double barrelled name is on your marriage certificate there is no need to change it by deedpoll for you or your husband! We did this and only person todouble barrel names after marriage ireland Doublebarrelled or hyphenated names. A double barrelled surname is where the wife adds the husbands name to her own, and a hyphenated name is simply where a hyphen is placed between the two. For women who want to change names after marriage, but delay it for months or years time, effort and expense are the most frequently cited reasons.

Irish Weddings Online in Ireland. Your Online Irish Bridal Magazine. Includes Weddings in Ireland. Changing Your Name you need to change your name by Deed Poll after your marriage. Using Both Names Changing your name, especially in certain professions such as acting, can sometimes be deemed detrimental to the career. double barrel names after marriage ireland Sep 06, 2011 My passport both names as a doublebarrel. My birth cert My fathers name. It is a pain is the arse that parents don't seem to realise when they do these things. Please think of the convenience to your child too. I do not mean this in any harsh way please do not think that. But just as someone who has had to grow up with the awkwardness of it. Apr 14, 2011 My fiance wants a double barrelled surname? She said that when we register our marriage she wants a double barrel surname. Before I get into this I want to say that I know a lot of women see this as a feminist empowering thing where if a guy for any reason doesn't like this, he's classed as a misogynist. Doublebarrelling surnames upon marriage. Although the traditional option of a woman taking her husbands surname upon marriage is still by far the most popular, other variations of name change are becoming increasingly common. Possibly the second most widespread option is to doublebarrel' a couples surnames. Jan 17, 2008 Doublebarrelled names may be formed for a variety of reasons. Some are formed when the family names of two people are combined upon marriage or civil partnership, thus forming a new twopart surname, or when children are given surnames combining those of both parents.

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