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2020-02-22 22:28

A list of human names for countries. There's a chapter for 1p, nyotalia, 2p and 2p nyotalia. Some of the names are canon, most fanon and the rest I made myself based on popular names in that country.why not just name her Leah as it's the 17th most common female name in Norway just to keep the L and his 2p name is Loki not Lokki take this from a native Norwegian hetalia 2p finland name

2p Finland. 2p Finland is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia character Finland. There are multiple interpretations of him, as he is a fanmade character and there are many variations. This is simply one of them, but is commonly used. A commonly used name for him is Thurston Vinminen.

Known as the Hellenic Republic (( ) Ellinik Dimokrata) dubbed as Greece. His received the human name Hermes Karpusi. 2P Greece is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomicanime character of Another Color . Read Finland from the story Hetalia 1p Meets 2p by HungaryFemRussia with 4, 004 reads. hetalia, 2ptalia, violence. Tino Vinminen was sitting in his livinghetalia 2p finland name America's 2p name is actually spelled Allen (. . ), but Alex is also used. Allen is the more popular one. Sometimes Gilbert's 2p name is Gunther (But I've only seen it a few times), Gillen (Not Gilen).

2p Sweden is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomicanime character of another color . His personality and appearance are however somewhat underdeveloped in the fandom. His human name is Bernard Oxenstierna. hetalia 2p finland name All You Need To Know About 2p Hetalia All info and characterization of the 2p Hetalia Countries are right here: 2p Axis 2p Allies 2p Nordics 2p Baltics 2p Asians 2p Europians (These are all belong to the Hetalia 2p Wiki) (Hetalia Belongs To Himaruya Name: 2p! Hungary: 2p! Austria: 2p! Taiwan: 2p! N. Korea: 2p! S. Korea: 2p! Hong Kong: 2p! Sealand: 2p! Denmark: 2p! Iceland: 2p! Norway: 2p! Finland: 2p! Sweden: 2p! Latvia: 2p! Estonia: 2p! Lithuania: 2p! Poland: 2p! Egypt: 2p! Turkey: 2p! Greece: 2p! Scotland: 2p! Australia: 2p! New Zealand: 2p! Romania: 2p! Bulgaria: 2p! Germania: 2p! Roman EmpireGrandpa Rome An Amino community dedicated to the anime, Hetalia! Cookie Policy. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. How can the answer be improved?

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