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So, in Undertale, you are required to name the Fallen Human. As the title suggests above, what name (or names) did you give to the Fallen Human? Was it Chara, the true name? Was it Frisk, and Hard Mode was activated? Was it your real name, nickname or a short word taken from your username? Share your answers below!Jul 10, 2017 Almost all these pictures are mine. Yes, i've done Genocide so many times. I'm so evil: ) EDIT: If you want to react to the video, do it! But please credit names in undertale

Name the fallen human. Naming prompt At the beginning of Undertale, the player is given the choice of naming the fallen human.

Apr 15, 2018 Its horribly edited, but there you go! : ) All these pictures are mine! If you want to react to this, PLEASE PUT MY CHANNEL NAME IN THE DESCRIPTION! Thank you This took me a while to make, but The Undertale wikia mentions a lot of ideas behind the possible sources for names, and more importantly, notes how different names being used as the player name result in different easter eggsnames in undertale If you try to name your character after characters in the game the characters tell you in various ways to chose your own name. Gaster doesn't exist so he makes you not exist if you pick his name. (doesn't let you pick these names

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