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The layer names in a drawing are often specified by corporate, industry, or client standards. If you organize your own layer scheme, choose layer names carefully. Use common prefixes to name layers with related drawing components to make it easier to manipulate groups of layers.Do Layer name Standards really work? A search of the web for CAD Layer Naming Standard appears to reveal that in spite of several attempts to produce a universal CAD Layer Naming Standard little real standardization has actually occurred. autocad layer name standards

Drawing entities translated into blocks from nonAutoCAD systems must revert to layer 0 when Harvard has adopted most of the layer name and use rules recommended by the CAD Layer Guidelines 3. CAD and Image Standards for Construction Documentation

CAD, the layer name format and length must be the same for all layers on a given project. See Commentary: U. S. NCS and ISO (p. 91) at the end of AIA CAD Layer Guidelines for detailed information about ISO conformance. The complete U. S. NCS layer name format, showing the Discipline Designator, the Major you select the options that you wish to use for layer names on a given project, and then apply the resulting format consistently for all layer names on that project. NOTE: For conceptual conformance to ISO, Organization and Naming of Layers for CAD, the layer name format and length must be the same for all layers on a given project.autocad layer name standards Layer Naming Conventions: Layer Name Convention Information All offices have standards, but not necessarily the AIA standard; The layer name need not contain the last four characters, USDF , as this is the userdefined modifier and is added at the user's discretion.

AIA CAD Layer Guidelines. These guidelines discuss layer name format, and provide exhaustive layer lists for over twenty types of layers. The Layer module includes new layers for distributed energy, real estate, surveymapping, architectural, structural, architectural, fire protection, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and telecommunications. autocad layer name standards Architectural Drafting Using AutoCAD Layering standards help multiple disciplines (such as the architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical disciplines) work together by eliminating At a minimum, a layer name must include the discipline code and major group. Other Changing AutoCAD Mechanical's Layers to Match Existing Standards 2 Note: If you don't see all the layers shown in the image click on the ShowHide Layer Definitions button. When you change a Mechanical layer's name to match an existing layer you get a warning message. Jul 16, 2009  Besides the AIA CAD Layer Guidelines, what other standards are there for CAD layer formatting? Also, I've seen a demo of Autocad MEP 2010 which had University of South Florida AutoCAD Standards USF Layer Guidelines LAYERING All drawings shall incorporate the standard AIA long format layers as specified in the National CAD Standard Version 3. 1.

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