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Male Hindi Names, Indian Names In mythology, it is not clear whether Ila was male or female. In one story he begins as a male but turns into a female. Compare with other forms of Ila. In Hindu mythology, this is the name of the king of gods. INDRAJIT26 rows Hindu God Names. View baby names by all Hindu God Names. From here you can find modern and traditional names of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva and many more Find a spiritual and hindu god name, for your baby boy. Some of the names and meanings in this page may be suggested by users. hindu god names male

Baby Names Meaning Powerful. Baby Names Meaning God, River, Eye, Moon, Light, Victory, Knowledge, Power. Free bonus: Free download latest BabyNames2016 ebook. Added new names that are not yet updated in the below list.

Hindu Baby names for Boys, including the most popular, unusual, beautiful. Hindu God Names. Lord Ganesh: Ganesh, or Ganesha, is one of Hinduisms most popular deities. He is the first born son of Shiva and Parvati, and the 'consort' of Buddhi (also called Riddhi) and Siddhi. Lord Vishnu: Vishnu is one of the principal Hindu deities, worshipped as the protector and preserver of the world and restorer of dharma.hindu god names male Ganesh 1000 Names Ganesh or Lord Ganesha is one of the powerful gods in Hindu mythology with other names such as Vinayaka, Ganapati etc. The elephant headed God is worshiped in the beginning of every occasion or ceremony as he is known to be the remover of obstacles.

Sanskrit names for boy baby, ancient Indian names. Aadi First. Aadidev The first god, Ancient god. Aadinath God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the first God. Aaditya Sun. Aagam Arrival. Aagney Son of the Fire God. Aamod Pleasure. hindu god names male List of Hindu deities. Hinduism is the dominant and nativeoriginal religion of the Indian subcontinent. It comprises three major traditions, Saivism, Brahmanism, Vaishnavism and Shaktism, whose followers considered Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Shakti (also called as Devi) to be the supreme deity respectively. Names of Hindu Lords, Gods and Goddesses. Find largest collection of names on Lord Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Venkateswara, Aiyappa from Indian Hindu Names. Hinduism is often referred as the eternal law or Sanatan Dharma. . Today, we share with you the Most Popular Hindu Gods Names (List of Hindu deities). . Hinduism believes in one Supreme Godhood that controls and guides each and every individual.

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